Realme’s 1+4+N Product Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

Realme new product strategy 1+4+N
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Realme was introduced as a sub-brand of Oppo in 2018. Back then, it was an attempt from the company to compete against the popular budget-oriented Redmi brand by Xiaomi. Today, Realme is an independent brand and its offerings expand beyond smartphones. To deal with the expanding portfolio, Realme has announced a new product strategy, which the company is referring to as the “1+4+N” strategy. Read along to find more about the new 1+4+N product strategy from Realme.

Realme 1+4+N Product Strategy

Realme was launched to counter the growing popularity of Redmi smartphones in the Indian market. In the past two years, Realme has emerged as one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in the world. And the next logical step was to enter the smart wearable business.

The company has put its foot in the IoT business. Earlier, Realme India CEO, Madhav Sheth announced that the company’s mission for 2020 was to be the biggest lifestyle brand in India. The new 1+4+N strategy is key to achieving this feat.


Even with the ever-growing portfolio of wearable and IoT devices, Realme has assured its fan that smartphones will still be its core product. The “1” in “1+4+N” represents smartphones. It will be at the top of Realme’s product hierarchy. What is means is that all the other products, be it smart wearables or AIoT devices will be controlled and managed by Realme smartphones. It will be done with the help of the Realme Link app.

Realme 6 - Display

Four Smart Hubs

The 4 in the 1+4+N represents four smart hubs. These smart hubs rank below the smartphone in the hierarchy but they have the same function – control and manage AIoT products. The four smart hubs are Smart TV, Smart Earphone, Smart Watch, and Smart Speakers. As of now, Realme has already announced every one of these, except for the latter.

Realme is now working on the fourth hub – Smart Speaker, which will be launched later this year. The company has also announced that it will come with even more options to choose from already existing hubs. In the company’s words, Realme will release more stylish smartwatches, high-end TVs, and smarter headphones.

Realme 1+4+N product strategy

N AIoT products

Lifestyle and AIoT products form the bottom of the Realme product’s hierarchy. Realme doesn’t want to stop launching new products, the indefinite number is represented by “N”. However, it’s the area where Realme has the least presence.

Realme Adventurer Backpack lifestyle product

As of now, Realme has launched power banks, smart bands, and backpacks. The company will be further expanding the product line to include smart scales, projectors, plugs, locks, car charger, and electric toothbrushes.

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