Redmi TV Soundbar launched: A budget soundbar you have been looking for!

Redmi TV soundbar launched price in nepal availability
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When we talk about TV these days, we emphasize more on the screen technology, the resolution and so on. We rarely take account of the sound quality. With TVs getting slimmer and lighter, bigger & better speakers are harder to fit inside it. This has lead to a rise in the demand for good quality TV soundbar. Now, Redmi has launched a new budget soundbar. Let’s check out the specs, features, expected price in Nepal and the availability of Redmi TV Soundbar.

Redmi TV Soundbar Overview


In terms of design, it looks like any other soundbar available in the market. It has a minimalist design. Dimensions on the new soundbar measure 78 x 6.4 x 6.3-cm, and it weighs approximately 1.5 kg. It comes in a strip matte black body. You can put it on a shelf top, or even mount it on the wall using the opening at the backside.

Redmi TV soundbar design

Sound Quality

It comes equips with two full-range speakers, both of which measure 45 x 80 mm. Both speakers boast an output capacity of 30W. Each speaker comes with a duct-type sound cavity. Redmi claims that acoustic engineers have spent hundreds of hours adjusting the sound effect for a more cinema-like experience. The adjustment would add to the product of Redmi’s acoustic algorithm.

Redmi TV soundbar speakers

It isn’t going to outperform a more expensive soundbar, not even the Mi TV soundbar. But, this can be a better choice for people who aren’t satisfied with their TV speakers but don’t want to spend tons of money on an expensive sound system.


As far as connectivity is concerned, the soundbar supports Bluetooth 5.0. It even supports wired connections. You don’t need to deal with tons of cable as it can be connected to your TV using S/PDIF or AUX connection.

Redmi TV soundbar connectivity options

Redmi TV Soundbar Price in Nepal & Availability (Expected)

Redmi TV Soundbar is now available for orders in China, where its price is 199 Yuan. It is a cheaper alternative to Xiaomi’s Mi TV soundbar. We expect the Redmi TV Soundbar to have a price tag of around NPR. 5,000 when it launches in Nepal.

Redmi Product Expected Price in Nepal
Redmi TV Soundbar ~ NPR. 5,000

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