Samsung announces a colossal 110″ 4K MicroLED TV in South Korea

Samsung 110
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Earlier this year, Samsung Display announced that it will cease the manufacturing of LCD panels by the end of 2020. It was widely speculated that the company is working on new QNED display technology. Having said that, Samsung hasn’t stopped working on other display technologies. Recently, the South Korean company has now announced a MicroLED TV in its domestic market. The giant 110″ MicroLED TV from Samsung looks to be the ultimate entertainment system in your home.

But, what is MicroLED technology?

Before you jump into the details of the new Samsung TV, let’s start with what MicroLED technology is all about. Just like OLED panels, MicroLED is also an emissive display. That is, these panels can produce their own light and don’t require external backlight apparatus as in the normal LCD/LED TVs. The major difference between the two is the nature of diodes. OLED uses organic diodes thus is expensive and prone to screen burns. It also cannot be scaled to larger screen sizes.

On the other hand, MicroLED technology uses inorganic diodes, avoiding screen burns altogether. It offers all the advantages of an OLED panel while also being brighter and more durable. MicroLED panels also don’t require color filters. It is also said to be less expensive in the longer run.

Samsung and MicroLED TV

Samsung has been avoiding OLED panels on its TV because of the above-mentioned issues. Thus, it makes sense for the company to invest in the MicroLED technology. Samsung and Sony lead the development of MicroLED TV.

The Wall was Samsung’s first MicroLED TV. It was first introduced in CES 2018. It came with a modular design that lets the user choose the size of the panel according to the space and aesthetic of the room. This TV is now on sale but it is not anything a normal consumer can afford.

Samsung 110” MicroLED TV

The upcoming 110” MIcroLED TV will be Samsung’s first commercial TV based on the display technology. It will arrive in a traditional form factor. Thus, it will also be the company’s first non-modular MicroLED TV. It will be a pre-fabricated unit without the need for special installation. The TV will have a 4K resolution and 8 million pixels. It will also cover 100% of DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut. It will be powered by a new Micro AI Processor that can support 4K HDR content.

With a screen-to-body ratio of 99.99%, the TV will be practically bezel-less. It will even ditch the back matrix for an immersive experience. There is a Multi View Feature that will split the 110” screen into four parts with each part displaying contents from a unique source. As for the audio, Samsung has included Majestic Sound System with 5.1 channel sound. It also features Object Tracking Sound Pro that identifies motion on the screen and outputs sound accordingly.

Samsung 110” MicroLED TV Price and Availability

Samsung 110” MicroLED TV is now available for pre-order in South Korea. However, the company has been tight-lipped about the price and availability of the device. But, it is expected that the TV will go on sale in 2021 with an obviously extravagant price tag.

TV Model Price Availability
Samsung 110” MicroLED TBA Q1, 2021 (South Korea)
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