Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus sets the best Display records!

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Whenever a new Samsung flagship launches, it makes headlines. There are always a couple of “Best” titles. This time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the company seems to be on a roll! It took the lead on DxOMark camera scores with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, leaving the Huawei P30 Pro behind. And in addition to that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus now is the best display on a smartphone, according to DisplayMate.

Now, this comes as a no surprise. Because Samsung’s displays on flagships go uncontested. They’re usually on the top of their game in displays, so, it might not be a very big deal. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S10 also got the same designation! But with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, it broke/set 13 Display performance records! And that…is well, astonishing. And with that, the Note 10 Plus also gets the DisplayMate A+ rating, which, the OnePlus 7 Pro also got.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus DisplayMate ratings

But having “the best smartphone display” is better than the highest rating, too. And with DisplayMate’s in-depth display shoot-out, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus managed to break 13 performance records!

samsung galaxy note 10 plus displaymate a+ rating

One of them is the peak brightness on a smartphone display. And with 1308 nits of peak brightness, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus becomes the brightest ever! It is actually 25% brighter than the Galaxy Note 9. Plus, it is also the phone with the lowest screen reflectance of 4.3%. So, I can’t think of any situation when you cannot read the display on that phone, like…ever!

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Also, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus takes the cake in terms of color accuracy as well! This phone is now, one of the first phones to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 Color Gamut coverage. In addition, the phone also has a very high image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy. And that too is in Normal mode. In Vivid mode, which tweaks the saturation and contrast making for a more vibrant display, the phone hits a 113% of DCI-P3 and a 114% sRGB! DisplayMate rates it as “Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect”, which is what they also said about the Galaxy S10!

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Furthermore, the Infinity-O display on the Note 10 has improved further. According to them, the punch-hole in the center takes only 0.15% of the total display area, which is about 25% less than that of the Galaxy S10. Maybe not very significant, but it is an improvement nonetheless. Another improvement is on its Blue Light filters. The Note 10 Plus reduces the harmful light by 37.5% more than the Galaxy Note 9.

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All of this was possible because Samsung focused on improving picture quality and color accuracy this time. As it already had achieved near perfection in terms of hardware, this decision seems plausible. And it also worked out for them, it seems. The display is the one part that users mostly interact with, and it is one of the prime factors to consider if you’re going to spend over $1000 on a smartphone. So, Note 10 seems in the right for investing to make the best display possible!