Samsung Galaxy S7 Price, Rumors roundup

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Today, Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S7, the seventh phone of the galaxy S series line. Samsung will launch the phone at its ‘unpacked’ event today, February 21st, at 11:45 p.m. local time. Like we have seen in the past with Galaxy S6, we know that the flagship will be launched alongside the S7 Edge that has a curved display. So here’s what has been buzzing around about the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Design| Samsung Galaxy S7

samsung-galaxy-s7We would not expect any drastic changes in the design of the S7 as the S6 was a total redesign from the past galaxy s phones. Samsung has really taken the time to make the designs of their flagships more premium than ever, with metal and glass body.

From the recently leaked renders, we can see that the design of S7 and S7 Edge is not that far from S6, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Another leaked picture shows the back of the phone and again it doesn’t differ from the S6 series. The back looks more curved and it seems that there is no bump for the camera like in the S6 series.

I should say that the leaked images may be different from the official one. But it provides us with a small glimpse of what is to come from the S7 series. It looks like Samsung has taken the core design from the S6 and modified the design to look sleeker and more premium.

Specs| Samsung Galaxy S7

Every flagship from Samsung has the best screen, with the Super AMOLED display and, it won’t be different this time. Both the S7 and S7 Edge most probably will have quad HD resolution like in the S6. What we have also been hearing is that the S7 Edge will have a larger display with 5.5-inch while the regular S7 will be the same 5.1-inch.


Samsung has opted to go for the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. But there will be variation in chipset from phones bought in different regions. It is rumored that the Snapdragon 820 version will be available in U.S. market while other S7 phones in another region will use Samsung’s new Exynos 8 Octa chipsets. Whether its Snapdragon 820 version or the Exynos version, we think that both of them will be equally powerful and there won’t be much difference to compare.

Battery| Samsung Galaxy S7

The camera, performance, and design everything were great in the S6 except for the battery life; which was really poor. Even though wireless and fast charging was there, it didn’t make up for the battery being so weak.


This time, around Samsung will include a larger 3000mAh battery in the regular S7, which is a good improvement from the S6’s 2550mAh battery. And for the S7 Edge 3600mAh battery will be opted. Like in S6 both of the devices will offer wireless and fast charging.

Camera| Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung is the manufacturer of the best cameras in smartphones – the galaxy S6, S6 Edge to the Note 5; all of them take amazing pictures. From low light shots to recording 4k videos, the Samsung phones prove their worth.
s7-cameraWe definitely wouldn’t want the camera to change but it is said that Samsung will downgrade the resolution from 16 megapixels to 12 megapixels. But the aperture of the new S7 will be better than the previous and will allow the phone to take even greater looking pictures in low light situations. I don’t think the downgrade of resolution of the camera is concerning as we all know Samsung is best in the camera department.

MicroSD| Samsung Galaxy S7

We didn’t see micro SD slots in S6 series and Note 5, and many users had a lot to say about it. Finally, Samsung may have listened to their customers and we could see the return of SD card slot in the S7. Some rumors suggest that even if they do not have the separate slot for the SD card, the sim tray may also hold the microSD.

Water Resistant| Samsung Galaxy S7

The S7 and S7 Edge will offer an IP67 water-resistant design. So the users can use the phone in the rain and they wouldn’t have to worry about the phone if it falls into puddles.

Software UI
The Galaxy S7 has also been featured in a brief hands-on video, revealing the latest version of TouchWiz, layered on top of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


It has been rumored that Samsung Galaxy S7 will cost €699 while theS7 Edge will be available at €799. Samsung will also be throwing a free Gear VR headset for early birds.

These are all the news and rumors we have heard about the Samsung Galaxy S7 series. Some of these rumors haven’t been made official yet. So, let’s see today if the rumors stand true or not and what Samsung will bring new to the table apart from the stuff we have already heard till now.