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Samsung Aayo Khusi Chhayo offer: Generous discounts on the purchase of Samsung TVs

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When the internet was discovered and the expert knew about its potential, they predicted that Televisions would turn obsolete after a few years of internet discovery. Yet we still fight for the remote with our siblings to watch our favorite TV shows. Even while binge-watching the shows together, TV strengthens the bond with our friends and family. So not just for the decorative purpose but also for the entertainment purpose, television set plays a big role. And to please the TV shows fanatics, Samsung has a wonderful lineup of Televisions made available to the Nepali customers.

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And this time around, Samsung has brought an amazing offer for the upcoming Dashain. Dubbed as “Samsung Aayo Khusi Chhayo offer“, Samsung is offering some crazy discounts on their popular TVs. You can get a maximum discount of 49% if you purchase a Samsung TV on this offer. Not just on the old TVs, Samsung is providing generous discounts even on its newly launched RU7100 series televisions. The offer has started from Asoj 1 (September 18) and will last till Kartik 29 (November 15).

Samsung Premium Ultra-HD TV

Blended with vivid colors and ambient brightness, Samsung’s Premium UHD TV adds life to the screen. With the brightness up to 1000 nits, the contents on the screen are viewable even in the brightly lit rooms. The screen is capable to reproduce colors with so much of accuracy that the details on the darkest shadows and whitest clouds can be recollected 10 times more than the normal or conventional display.

 Model No.  Resolution  Size  Price Offer Price
UA75NU8000KXHE Ultra-HD (4K) 75″ Rs 699,990 Rs 4,69,990

Samsung QLED TV

QLED TVs are the televisions, which use quantum dots to enhance the colors portrayed by the TV screen. These kinds of televisions offer better brightness levels than most of the televisions out there. QLED TVs also output more colors and better black levels than LED TVs. That’s why the pictures/videos in the QLED TVs look more vibrant and contrasty.

Model No. Size  Resolution  Price Offer Price
QA55Q7FNARXHE 55-inch Ultra HD Rs. 5,29,990 Rs. 3,75,000
QA55Q60RARXHE 55-inch Ultra-HD Rs. 3,10,990 Rs. 2,12,990
QA65Q60RARXHE 65-inch Ultra HD Rs. 3,99,990 Rs. 3,25,490
QA65Q70RARXHE 65-inch Ultra HD Rs. 7,89,990 Rs. 4,00,00
QA65Q7FNARXHE 65-inch Ultra HD Rs. 7,89,990 Rs. 5,75,000

Samsung UHD TV

Ultra HD or in other words 4k. These are the super high-definition TVs with resolutions of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels. These TVs have one of the highest density of pixels, so if you want crisp pictures, you could opt for this category. You will need 4k content to enjoy the full details, though.

Model Size Resolution Original Price Offer Price
UA43NU7100RSHE 43-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,10,690 Rs. 81,990
UA43RU7100RSHE 43-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,10,690 Rs. 83,990
UA49NU7100RSHE 49-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,68,990 Rs. 99,990
UA49RU7100RSHE 49-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,68,990 Rs. 1,05,990
UA55NU7100RSHE 55-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,83,990 Rs. 1,12,590
UA55RU7100RSHE 55-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 1,83,990 Rs. 1,14,990
UA65NU7100RSHE 65-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 2,89,990 Rs. 1,99,990
UA65RU7100RSHE 65-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 2,89,990 Rs. 2,10,990
UA75RU7100RSHE 75-inch 4K Ultra-HD Rs. 5,29,990 Rs. 4,50,990

Samsung LED TV  price in Nepal

HD and Full HD TVs are some of the most used TVs out there. They are the perfect balance between quality, size, and price. If you don’t know much about TVs, then HD/Full-HD TVs is your safe bet. Samsung is definitely offering the discounts on its HD/Full-HD TVs too. However, there is no internet offer and NetTV packages on the purchase of Samsung’s HD and Full HD TVs.

Model Size Resolution Original Price Offer Price
UA24H4003ARSHE 24-inch HD Ready Rs. 24, 490 Rs. 19,500
UA32N4003RSHE 32-inch HD Ready Rs. 37,190 Rs. 28,990
UA32N4000ARSHE 32-inch HD Ready Rs. 41,990 Rs. 28,890
UA32N4300ARSHE 32-inch HD Ready Rs. 56,990 Rs. 39,500
UA40N5000ARSHE 40-inch Full-HD Rs. 70,390 Rs. 47,990
UA43N5300ARSHE 43-inch Full-HD Rs. 86,990 Rs. 57,500
UA49N5300ARSHE 49-inch Full-HD Rs. 1,27,990 Rs. 84,990

Samsung Digital Plazas | Where to Buy Samsung LED TVs in Nepal

Maharajgunj: 4377409
Durbarmarg: 4230382/4230378
Civil Mall: 4252281
New Baneshor: 4781911
KL Tower: 4479211
Nayabazar: 4383500
Bhaktapur: 6619102
Kupondole: 5527002
Kumaripati: 5553742/5008676
Pokhara: 061-532187/532734
Narayanghat: 056571491
Dhangadhi: 091-521292
Nepalgunj: 081-411066
Birtamode: 023-543628

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