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Lucrative deals on Samsung TVs: Feel the game with Exciting offers

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When the internet was discovered and the expert knew about its potential, they predicted that Televisions would turn obsolete after few years of the internet discovery. Yet we still fight for the remote with our siblings to watch our favorite TV shows. Although the TV series can be found on YouTube or on torrent site just in few hours, there is not yet a good alternative to the games and sports, which are meant to be watched live. In such cases, having a TV is a must. So to satisfy TV and TV shows fanatics, Samsung has a wonderful lineup of Televisions made available to the Nepali market. And here we will be discussing on all the available Samsung TVs available in Nepal. We will also include the Samsung LED TV price in Nepal.

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Samsung has always acquired goodwill in the smartphone business and that extends to the Television sector too. With the vibrant display, Samsung has pleased its audience. The same brand has now had come up with some lucrative offers for the World Cup 2018, which has not ended up yet. The World Cup offer from Samsung includes some generous amount of discounts (up to 27%), 2 Years of warranty and also the 0% EMI options (on selected outlets). Furthermore, the electronics giant is also offering exciting gift vouchers on the purchase of any below-mentioned TVs. The buyers could use their gift vouchers to get discounts for the air trip using the Turkish Airlines or AceTravels.com. The gift voucher also provides discounts to the customers for Full Body Checkup in Vayodha Hospital or the rooms on lodges or resorts that are under the KGH Group.

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On the purchase of any below-mentioned televisions, Samsung is also providing a Lucky Draw Coupon. Through the lucky draw, the buyers could win a 5-in-1 convertible Refrigerator or Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy A6+ or a Galaxy J7 Duo or Round-Trip to any Turkish Airlines Destination.

Samsung SUHD TV

Blended with the vivid colors and ambient brightness, Samsung’s SUHD TV adds life to the screen. With the brightness up to 1000 nits, the contents on the screen are viewable even in the brightly lit rooms. The screen is capable to reproduce colors with so much of accuracy that the details on the darkest shadows and whitest clouds can be recollected 10 times more than the normal or conventional display.

 Model No.  Resolution  Size  Price World Cup Price Warranty
55KS9000 SUHD 55″ Rs 419,000 Rs 335,200 2 Years

Samsung Curve LED TV

Curved TVs were designed to make the TV viewing experience more immersive. Unlike the regular flat TVs, curved TVs feature a wider field of view with less distortion. These TVs also have an enhanced contrast and color accuracy, along with Auto Depth Enhancer.

Model No.  Technology  Size  Price World Cup Price Warranty
UA55K6300ARSHE Curved TV (1080p) 55″ Rs 214,990 Rs 156,700 2 years
UA55M6300ARSHE Curved TV (1080p) 55″ Rs 214,990 Rs 161,150 2 years
UA49M6300ARSHE Curved TV (1080p) 49″ Rs 149,990 Rs 127,800 2 years

Samsung UHD TV

Ultra HD or in other words 4k. These are the super high-definition TVs with resolutions of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels. These TVs have one of the highest density of pixels, so if you want crisp pictures, you could opt for this category. You will need 4k content to enjoy the full details, though.

Model No.  Resolution  Size  Price World Cup Price Warranty
UA82MU8000ARSHE Ultra HD 82″ Rs 11,999,990 Rs 8,999,990 2 Years
UA75MU6172ARSHE Ultra HD 75″ Rs 649,990 Rs 499,990 2 Years
UA65MU7000ARSHE Ultra HD 65″ Rs 354,990 Rs 285,990 2 Years
UA50KU6000ARSHE Ultra HD 50″ Rs 159,990 Rs 127,800 2 Years
UA50MU6100ARSHE Ultra HD 50″ Rs 159,990 Rs 131,200 2 Years
UA43MU6100ARSHE Ultra HD 43″ Rs 99,990 Rs 85,000 2 Years

Samsung Smart LED TVs

These kinds of TVs are called smart TVs since they can be connected to the internet to access streaming media services and that can be used to run entertainment apps. On-demand video-rental services, internet music stations, and web browsing are also easy on the Smart TVs.

Model No. Technology Size Price World Cup Price Warranty
UA55M5500ARSHE FULL HD JoySmart TV 55″ Rs 179,990 Rs 133,300 2 Years
UA49K5300ARSHE FULL HD JoySmart TV 49″ Rs 114,990 Rs 98,900 2 Years
UA43K5300AR FULL HD JoySmart TV 43″ Rs 79,990 Rs 65,700 2 Years
UA43M5500AR FULL HD JoySmart TV 43” Rs 79,990 Rs 65,700 2 Years
UA32K4300AR FULL HD JoySmart TV 32” Rs 50,990 Rs 43,450 2 Years
UA32M4300ARSHE FULL HD JoySmart TV 32” Rs 50,990 Rs 43,450 2 Years

Samsung LED TV  price in Nepal (Non-smart, HD/Full-HD)

HD and Full HD TVs are some of the most used TVs out there. They are the perfect balance between quality, size, and price. If you don’t know much about TVs, then HD/Full-HD TVs are your safe bet. Samsung is definitely offering the discounts on its HD/Full-HD TVs too. However, there is no internet offer and NetTV packages on the purchase of Samsung’s HD and Full HD TVs.

Model No. Resolution Size Price World Cup Price
UA43M5100ARSHE Full HD 43″ Rs 76,490 Rs 57,800
UA43K5100ARSHE Full HD 43″ Rs 76,490 Rs 57,800
UA40M5000ARSHE Full HD 40″ Rs 66,990 Rs 53,400
UA40K5100ARSHE Full HD 40″ Rs 66,990 Rs 53,400
UA32M4200ARSHE HD 32″ Rs 44,990 Rs 36,700
UA32M4100ARSHE HD 32″ Rs 44,990 Rs 36,700
UA32M4010ARSHE HD 32” Rs 39,990 Rs 33,400
UA32M4000ARSHE HD 32″ Rs 39,990 Rs 33,400
UA32K4000ARSHE HD 32″ Rs 39,990 Rs 33,400
UA32FH4003ARSHE HD 32″ Rs 35,390 Rs 31,500
UA24H4003ARSHE HD 24″ Rs 23,390 Rs 20,800

Samsung Digital Plazas | Where to Buy Samsung LED TVs in Nepal

Maharajgunj: 4377409
Durbarmarg: 4230382/4230378
Civil Mall: 4252281
New Baneshor: 4781911
KL Tower: 4479211
Nayabazar: 4383500
Bhaktapur: 6619102
Kupondole: 5527002
Kumaripati: 5553742/5008676
Pokhara: 061-532187/532734
Narayanghat: 056571491
Dhangadhi: 091-521292
Nepalgunj: 081-411066
Birtamode: 023-543628