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Samsung TV Price in Nepal [Updated: May 2020]

Samsung TV Price in Nepal LED QLED 4K UHD FHD HD

TVs are a product of entertainment, decoration, or luxury even. And Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs, occupying almost a quarter of the market share. Granted they are not as economic as other competing brands’ options, but Samsung’s TVs are arguably the best of their kind. From simple LED TV to the high-and-fancy QLED and micro-LED ones, they exude quality & class. In Nepal as well, the company has been operating for decades while bringing out different models of their TVs at different price ranges. And in this article, we’re listing out all the Samsung TV officially available in Nepal, along with their price.

There are two distributors of Samsung TVs in Nepal: Him Electronics and Triveni Byapar. Hence, if you are thinking of buying an authorized Samsung TV in Nepal, makes sure you buy them from these distributors. They offer 2 years of warranty on the display panel and services including repair and spare parts replacements.

And a quick FYI, though the model name of Samsung TVs may scare you, there’s a very simple way to read and understand it

Samsung Premium Ultra-HD TV 

Blended with vivid colors and ambient brightness, Samsung’s Premium UHD TV adds life to the screen. With the brightness up to 1000 nits, the contents on the screen are viewable even in the brightly lit rooms. Here, the UA75NU8000’s screen is capable to reproduce colors with so much accuracy that the details on the darkest shadows and whitest clouds can be recollected 10 times more than the normal or conventional display. That’s thanks to its excellent HDR10+ & HLG format support. It also has a powerful 40W speaker, though you’d want a decent external sound system for a better audio experience.

Samsung UHD TV Model Size & Resolution Price in Nepal  
UA75NU8000KXHE (Series 8) 75-inches Ultra-HD (4K) Rs. 6,99,990

Samsung QLED TV 

QLED TVs use quantum dots to enhance the colors portrayed by the TV screen, instead of liquid crystals. These kinds of televisions offer a higher brightness level than most of the televisions out there. QLED TVs also output more colors and better black levels than LED TVs. That’s why the pictures/videos in the QLED TVs look more vibrant with great contrast. But ultimately, it doesn’t have the same infinite contrast ratio, like in OLED TVs from LG or other companies. Here in Nepal, you can select from 4 QLED TV from Samsung for a varying price.

Samsung QLED TV Model Size Price in Nepal 
QA55Q60RARXHE (Series 6) 55-inches 4K Rs. 3,10,990
QA55Q7FNARXHE (Series 7) 55-inches 4K Rs. 5,29,990
QA65Q60RARXHE (Series 6) 65-inches 4K Rs. 3,99,990
QA65Q7FNARXHE (Series 7) 65-inches 4K Rs. 7,89,990

Samsung UHD TV 

Ultra HD TVs refer to ones with 4K resolution. These are the super high-definition TVs with resolutions of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels. Though companies are gunning for monstrous 8K in recent times, 4K is still the widely accepted standard when it comes to TV resolution. These TVs have one of the highest density of pixels, so if you want crisp pictures, you could opt for this category. You will need native 4K content to enjoy the full details, though video upscaling through software also gives off similar results.

Besides these, they have Samsung’s “PurColor”, HDR support, Micro Dimming technology for better colors, contrast, and viewing angle. In Nepal, you can find 8 models of Samsung UHD TVs under “RU” (2019) and “NU” (2018) title.

Samsung UHD TV Model Size Price in Nepal 
UA43NU7100RSHE 43-inches 4K Rs. 92,490
UA43RU7100RSHE 43-inches 4K Rs. 92,490
UA49NU7100RSHE 49-inches 4K Rs. 1,28,690
UA49RU7100RSHE 49-inches 4K Rs. 1,28,690
UA55RU7100RSHE 55-inches 4K Rs. 1,52,590
UA65NU7100RSHE 65-inches 4K Rs. 2,29,990
UA65RU7100RSHE 65-inches 4K Rs. 2,34,490
UA75RU7100RSHE 75-inches 4K​ Rs. 5,13,990

Samsung LED TV 

HD and Full HD TVs are some of the most common TVs out there. They are the perfect balance between quality, size, and price. If you don’t know much about TVs, then HD/Full-HD TVs is your safe bet. Here, Samsung also has HD, FHD TV available in Nepal from 24 to 49 inches, which give decent value for money. Like all the other TVs in the list, you get 2 years of warranty on the panel here as well. They’ve all got a wide range of connectivity options and Samsung’s “Hyper Real Engine” for maintaining colors, contrast, and motion rate at their optimal level.

Samsung LED TV Model   Size Price in Nepal 
UA24H4003ARSHE 24-inches HD Rs. 24,490
UA32N4003RSHE 32-inches HD Rs. 33,490
UA32N4000ARSHE 32-inches HD Rs. 41,990
UA32N4300ARSHE 32-inches FHD Rs. 47,690
UA40N5000ARSHE 40-inches FHD Rs. 56,390
UA43N5300ARSHE 43-inches FHD Rs. 74,090
UA49N5300ARSHE 49-inches FHD Rs. 87,290

Where to Buy Samsung TVs in Nepal? [Official Showrooms] 

Here is the list of Showrooms from where you can buy Samsung TVs in Nepal:

S.N. Showroom Address Phone No.
1 Electronics Plaza Kumaripati, Lalitpur 01-5553742
2 Trimurti Radio and Watch Pasal Narayanghat 056-571491
3 Nagarjun Trading House Pokhara 061-532187
4 Manakamana Electronics House Nepalgunj 081-411066
5 Mahendra Ratna Store Birtamode 023-543301/023-543628
6 Bhagawati Multi Suppliers Butwal 9852673032
7 Kritima Electronics Laxmi Chowk, Dharan 9842587481
8 Durbarmarg Plaza Kathmandu 01-4230378/4230382
9 Pulchowk Plaza Kathmandu 01-5010781
10 Civil Mall Plaza Kathmandu 01-4252281
11 Bhaktapur Plaza Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur 01-6619102
12 Baneshwor Plaza Kathmandu 4781911
13 Bouddha Plaza Kathmandu 4493388

Samsung TV Price in Nepal [Summary 2020]

Samsung TV Model Name TV Type Price in Nepal
UA75NU8000KXHE (Series 8) 75” Premium 4K LED TV Rs. 6,99,990
QA55Q60RARXHE (Series 6) 55” 4K UHD QLED TV Rs. 3,10,990
QA55Q7FNARXHE (Series 7) 55” 4K UHD QLED TV Rs. 5,29,990
QA65Q60RARXHE (Series 6) 65” 4K UHD QLED TV Rs. 3,99,990
QA65Q7FNARXHE (Series 7) 65” 4K UHD QLED TV Rs. 7,89,990
UA43NU7100RSHE 43” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 92,490
UA43RU7100RSHE 43” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 92,490
UA49NU7100RSHE 49” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 1,28,690
UA49RU7100RSHE 49” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 1,28,690
UA55RU7100RSHE 55” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 1,52,590
UA65NU7100RSHE 65” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 2,29,990
UA65RU7100RSHE 65” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 2,34,490
UA75RU7100RSHE 75” 4K UHD LED TV Rs. 5,13,990
UA24H4003ARSHE 24” HD LED TV Rs. 24,490
UA32N4003RSHE 32” HD LED TV Rs. 33,490
UA32N4000ARSHE 32” HD LED TV Rs. 41,990
UA32N4300ARSHE 32” FHD LED TV Rs. 47,690
UA40N5000ARSHE 40” FHD LED TV Rs. 56,390
UA43N5300ARSHE 43” FHD LED TV Rs. 74,090
UA49N5300ARSHE 49” FHD LED TV Rs. 87,290

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