Samsung TV Price in Nepal [Updated]

Samsung TV Price in Nepal Smart 4K UHD
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In this article, we’ll be taking a look at all the models of Samsung TV available in Nepal alongside their latest price, key specs, and availability. Samsung is the world’s largest TV maker, accounting for about a quarter of the worldwide market. From simple LED TVs to the high-and-fancy QLED and micro-LED ones, Samsung TVs radiate quality and class.

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The company has been serving the Nepali market for decades releasing new models of televisions at various price points each year. Here, we’ve compiled a list of all the Samsung TV models that are officially available in Nepal, along with their updated price.

To note, there are two distributors of Samsung TVs in Nepal: Him Electronics and Triveni Byapar. Hence, if you are thinking of buying an authorized Samsung TV in Nepal, make sure you buy them from these distributors.

And celebrating the upcoming festive season, Samsung Nepal has brought exciting discounts on its entire TV portfolio under the “Chhut ko Taranga, Dashain Tihar ma Umanga” scheme. The company is offering up to 35% discount on home appliance products such as televisions and washing machines. So, don’t forget to check them out before the deal expires.

And a quick FYI, though the lengthy model name of Samsung TVs may look intimidating, there’s a very simple way to read and understand it.

Samsung Frame 4K QLED TVs

As TVs are getting bigger and better, Samsung wants to change the way they sit in your living room. The Frame from Samsung is a 2021 edition of QLED TVs that can transform into a work of art when switched off. While other manufacturers are eyeing making their TV thinner, this Frame QLED TV is a relatively thicker rectangular box that looks like a real picture frame.

What’s fascinating is that the bezels on these TVs can be changed to exactly match your taste—while blending with the room it’s set up in as well.

Samsung Frame 4K QLED TV models Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
QA55LS03AARXHE 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 339,990 230,000

Samsung QLED TVs 

Instead of liquid crystals, QLED TVs employ quantum dots to improve the colors displayed on the TV screen. These have higher brightness levels than most other TVs on the market. QLED TVs also produce more colors and have superior black levels than their LED counterparts.

As a result, the content on QLED TVs appears more vivid and with more contrast. However, it does not offer the same infinite contrast ratio as OLED TVs.

Samsung QLED TV models Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
QA55Q60AARXHE 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 209,990 140,000
QA75Q60AARXHE 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 429,990 335,000

Samsung TU-series (2020) UHD TVs

The TU8000-series is Samsung’s 2020 edition UHD 4K TVs. Under this, the company has tried to further reduce the thickness, while also minimizing the side and top bezels. In terms of picture quality, Samsung labels this lineup as “Crystal UHD TV” and the TU series boasts a Crystal 4K image processor.

On top of this, Samsung’s “Game Enhancer” lets you enjoy better gameplay by minimizing input lag, optimizing display quality, and reducing motion blur and judder. Here in Nepal, you can select from 4 different models of Samsung TU-series (2020) UHD TVs ranging between 43, 55, 65, and 75-inches.

Samsung TU-series UHD TV models Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
UA43TU8000RXHE (Series 8) 43-inches UHD 4K Rs. 93,890 72,500
UA55TU8000RHXE (Series 8) 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 131,990 98,500
UA65TU8000RHXE (Series 8) 65-inches UHD 4K Rs. 201,990 160,000
UA75TU8000RHXE (Series 8) 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 367,990 277,500

Samsung AU-series (2021) UHD TVs

The AU series is the 2021 lineup of Samsung’s UHD TVs. This is the successor to last year’s TU lineup. Here, the remote and packaging for AU-tagged TVs are made using recycled materials. All the TVs under this series feature Dynamic Contrast Technology while the premium models even have something called Ambient Mode.

In addition, Samsung has gone with a Flat Lift stand and an Air Slim design in their premium AU8000 lineup of TVs. Plus, one can easily connect them with any Windows or Mac device, as the TV support both platforms.

Samsung AU-Series UHD models Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
UA43AU7700RXHE 43-inches UHD 4K Rs. 99,990 75,000
UA55AU7700RXHE 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 154,990 100,000
UA65AU7700RXHE 65-inches UHD 4K Rs. 219,990 165,000
UA75AU8000RXHE 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 379,990 295,000
UA85AU8000RXHE 85-inches UHD 4K Rs.  549,990 430,000

Samsung HD and FHD LED TVs

Apart from 4K TVs, Samsung also sells budget HD and Full HD TVs in Nepal. They strike the ideal blend of quality, size, and affordability. And if your usage primarily includes watching channels over the set-top box (STB), and don’t want something grand, then HD/FHD TVs are your safest bet. In Nepal, Samsung offers HD, FHD TVs ranging between 32 and 43 inches right now.

Much like the rest of the TVs on the list, they come with two years of warranty. Furthermore, they all include a variety of connectivity options, as well as Samsung’s “HyperReal Engine” for maintaining ideal color, contrast, and motion rate. Moving on, one thing to note here is that the “N40” series of HD sets mentioned below aren’t Smart TVs, unlike the rest.

Samsung HD & FHD TV models Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
UA32N4003ARSHE 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 46,990 33,400
UA32T4400ARHXE 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 51,390 37,350
UA32T4500ARHXE 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 55,790 41,750
UA43T5400ARHXE 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 77,790 57,900
UA43T5500ARXHE 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 82,190 62,000

Where to buy Samsung TVs in Nepal? (Official Showrooms)

You can buy Samsung TV online from Samsung Plaza. If you wish to visit an official store, here is the list of showrooms from where you can buy Samsung TVs in Nepal:

S.N. Showroom Address Phone No.
1 Electronics Plaza Kumaripati, Lalitpur 01-5553742
2 Trimurti Radio and Watch Pasal Narayanghat 056-571491
3 Nagarjun Trading House Pokhara 061-532187
4 Manakamana Electronics House Nepalgunj 081-411066
5 Mahendra Ratna Store Birtamode 023-543301/023-543628
6 Bhagawati Multi Suppliers Butwal 9852673032
7 Kritima Electronics Laxmi Chowk, Dharan 9842587481
8 Durbarmarg Plaza Kathmandu 01-4230378/4230382
9 Pulchowk Plaza Kathmandu 01-5010781
10 Civil Mall Plaza Kathmandu 01-4252281
11 Bhaktapur Plaza Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur 01-6619102
12 Baneshwor Plaza Kathmandu 01-4781911
13 Bouddha Plaza Kathmandu 01-4493388

Samsung TV Price in Nepal [Summary 2021]

Samsung TV models Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
QA55LS03AARXHE 55-inches UHD 4K (Frame) Rs. 230,000
QA55Q60AARXHE 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 140,000
QA75Q60AARXHE 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 335,000
UA43AU7700RSHE 43-inches UHD 4K Rs. 75,000
UA55AU7700RSHE 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 100,000
UA65AU7700RSHE 65-inches UHD 4K Rs. 165,000
UA75AU8000RSHE 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 295,000
UA85AU8000RSHE 85-inches UHD 4K Rs. 430,000
UA43TU8000RXHE 43-inches UHD 4K Rs. 72,500
UA55TU8000RHXE 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 98,500
UA65TU8000RHXE 65-inches UHD 4K Rs. 160,000
UA75TU8000RHXE 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 277,500
UA32N4003ARSHE / UA32N4010ARXHE 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 33,400
UA32T4400ARHXE 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 37,350
UA32T4500ARHXE 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 41,750
UA43T5400ARHXE 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 57,900
UA43T5500ARXHE 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 62,000

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