TCL TV Price in Nepal [Updated 2022]

TCL TV Price in Nepal 2023
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TCL has made a name for itself in the TV industry by delivering quality products at reasonable prices. You can buy TCL-branded TVs through official channels even in Nepal. Here, we have listed down all the TCL TVs, along with the specs, features, official price, and latest deals in Nepal.

TCL World Cup Offer

On the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, TCL has launched the “Football Hungama” campaign. Under this, the company is offering cashback on all of its TVs, as well as free delivery and installation. Among all, the highlight is that you can win a brand new TCL 65″ 4K TV when you buy any TCL product, including TVs. After making your purchase, send an SMS in the format given below to be eligible for the grand prize.

  • Type TCL [space] Customer Name [space] Warranty Card No. and send an SMS to 31003.


These are the most premium TCL TVs in the Nepali market. QLED TVs use an additional layer of Quantum Dot on top of an LED panel for better color reproduction. They also have support for proprietary HDR Pro and Dolby Vision IQ technology. Other features include Onkyo-tuned speakers with Dolby Atmos, an Android 11 TV, Home Control Center, a dedicated game center, hands-free voice control, and Magiconnect.

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TCL TV model Technology Screen Size Resolution MRP Price Offer Price
55C735 QLED UHD 55-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 157,799 Rs. 125,790
65C735 QLED UHD 65-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 210,890 Rs. 167,990

TCL Curved LED TVs

Curved TVs are now getting quite popular. They provide a more immersive viewing experience with a better sense of depth in the pictures and more field of view. There are also arguments that these kinds of TVs give a uniform viewing distance. Whatever that means, curved TVs just look way cooler. However, there are no curved LED TVs from TCL available in Nepal right now.

TCL UHD 4K Smart TVs

While the world is still divided between a flat screen or a curved screen, everyone seems to agree that the 4K UHD TVs are the way to go (at least for now). The entertainment business has already adopted the resolution, and 4K contents are way more common than ever.

If you want the sharpest picture quality and want to be able to grab every little detail from your pictures, UHD TVs are the one. These TVs, with their ultra-large pixel counts, give you an ultra-high-definition viewing experience. 8K is already here, but it will still take time for it to be the default choice of users and the industry itself.

TCL TV Model Technology Screen Size Resolution MRP Price Offer Price
43P635 UHD 4K Smart TV 43-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 64,390 Rs. 51,390
50P635 UHD 4K Smart TV 50-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 89,790 Rs. 71,590
55P635 UHD 4K Smart TV 55-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 100,790 Rs. 80,390
65P635 UHD 4K Smart TV 65-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 139,190 Rs. 110,890
75P735 UHD 4K Smart TV 75-inch 3840 x 2160 Rs. 266,990 Rs. 212,790


Smart TVs are any kind of TVs that can provide any other content than regular TV channels through Internet connectivity. These let you access a range of various online services, including YouTube and such. You can stream content through your mobile phones or computers on them as well. These kinds of TVs are the trending ones these days, so if you’re looking for an affordable TV, these are great choices.

TCL TV Model Technology Screen Size Resolution MRP Offer Price
32S65A Smart LED TV 32-inch 1366 x 768 Rs. 37,190 Rs. 29,590
43S5200 Smart LED TV 43-inch 1920 x 1080 Rs. 57,590 Rs. 44,990


These are old-school, the most basic form of television. These are one of the popular types of televisions at present as well. No gimmicks, no extra features… simple to use, and does everything you’d want a basic TV to do. If you don’t know much about the bells and whistles of Smart TVs, then these are the best way to go.

Also, if you don’t watch TVs all that much, then why spend more on those extra features, right? If you haven’t upgraded your TV, but don’t want to spend much, then this is the way to go.

TCL TV Model Technology  Screen Size Resolution MRP Offer Price
32D3000 LED TV 32-inch 1366 x 768 Rs. 29,490 Rs. 22,990

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TCL TV Price in Nepal 2022 (Summary)

Type  Model Number  Price in Nepal
Offer Price 
QLED UHD 55C735 Rs. 157,799 Rs. 125,790
65C735 Rs. 210,890 Rs. 167,990
UHD 43P635 Rs. 64,390 Rs. 51,390
50P635 Rs. 89,790 Rs. 71,590
55P635 Rs. 100,790 Rs. 80,390
65P635 Rs. 139,190 Rs. 110,890
75P735 Rs. 266,990 Rs. 212,790
Smart LED 32S65A Rs. 37,190 Rs. 29,590
43S5200 Rs. 57,590 Rs. 44,990
Normal LED 32D3000 Rs. 29,490 Rs. 22,990

Where to buy genuine TCL TVs at the official price in Nepal?

Though we don’t have Roku-powered TVs in Nepal, the available TCL products are also worth consideration cause they promise quality and reliability on a budget. You can buy TCL TVs in Nepal through CG Digital which happens to be the authorized distributor of TCL televisions in Nepal. Since CG has showrooms all over Nepal, you won’t have any problem finding TCL TVs in your locality. Here are the places where you can buy TCL TVs.

  • CG Digital Park, Satungal, Kathmandu: 01-5108132, 01-5108127
  • Kumaripati, Lalitpur: 01-5008771
  • Ravibhawan, Kathmandu: 01-4281479
  • Tangal, Kathmandu: 01-4411269
  • Tripureshwor, Kathmandu: 01-4117002
  • Nayabazar, Kathmandu: 01-4364072
  • Radhe-Radhe, Bhaktapur: 01-6638472
  • Bharatpur, Chitwan: 056-533230
  • Hattigauda, Kathmandu: 01-4376815
  • Itahari, Sunsari: 025-581126
  • Kirtipur, Kathmandu: 01-4331140

You can also buy TCL TV online from here.