Samsung unveils wide range of QLED TVs for 2018

samsung qled tv lineup 2018
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Honor X9b Ad

Samsung unveiled a whole lineup of its QLED TVs for 2018 yesterday. The devices follow the release of The Wall and the Q9S – Samsung’s headline-making TVs at CES 2018. The new lineup of QLED TVs includes the Q6F, Q7F, Q7C (C standing for the curved body), Q8F and Q9F. QLED is derived from Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode that has quantum dots which can produce different colors depending on the size of the dots that are used. This basically makes the pictures or videos come off with more vibrancy and brightness.

These new QLED TVs from Samsung will now go up against the OLED TVs which have been customers’ pick for some time now. This is partly due to the lack of proper and deep black levels, and the quality of the display while viewing the TVs from the sides in last year’s QLED TVs from Samsung. However, the company has apparently learned from its mistakes and has made the new TVs better, if the voice of other reviewers is considered. Digital Trends writes, “It is starkly apparent Samsung has cracked a code no other TV manufacturer has managed to decipher.”

samsung qled tv lineup 2018

All TVs have a wide range of sizes as the Q6 comes in a 49-inch to a huge 82-inch of body. Likewise, the Q7F has 55-, 65- and 75-inch screen whereas the Q7C offers 55- and 65-inch displays. Finally, the Q8F has 55-, 65- and 75-inch displays while the flagship TV, the Q9F, comes with 65- and 75-inch display variant.

Here’s the starting price of all the TVs:

Q9F $3,800
Q8F $3,000
Q7F $2,600
Q7C $2,600
Q6F $2,200

The best features of these TVs are probably the Ambient Mode that literally makes the TVs “disappears” and the inclusion of Bixby for a voice-controlled device. The Ambient Mode of the TVs can identify the color and texture of the wall it is mounted on and form a picture that looks identical to the background. Likewise, Samsung has included Bixby on the TVs through which you can voice-control what you want the TV to do and also control other devices that are connected inside your house, all-in-all making it the centerpiece of your home. Samsung also confirmed that ‘The Wall’ TV will be available for purchase starting August.