Samsung expands the availability of its UV Sterilizer in Europe & Asia

Samsung UV Sterilizer Launched price Nepal availability
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While it is always a good idea to keep yourself and your surrounding sanitized, it is now more important than ever because of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. We believe you are taking all possible measures to keep yourself safe, like wearing masks, gloves, and using sanitizers. However, it is equally important to sanitize your everyday stuff. To help you with that, Samsung has launched a new UV Sterilizer that doubles up as a wireless charger. Read along to know more about the Samsung UV Sterilizer, along with its features, expected price, and availability in Nepal.

Samsung UV Sanitizer Overview

The UV Sterilizer is manufactured by Samsung C&T, as a part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP). It’s actually a box with a hollow interior, where you can put your phones. It is not just smartphones that you can use the sterilizer for. You can use the box to sterilize earbuds, glasses, and other accessories. Just make sure is that the accessory, that you are trying to sterilize, fits in the 196 x 96 x 33mm space.

Samsung UV Sterilizer front view

Samsung has included UV lights inside the sterilizer that will sanitize the areas of the accessory that is exposed to these lights. All you need to do is place the smartphone (or other accessories) inside of it, close the lid and press the button on the front of the box. You can leave the UV lights turned on for up to 10 minutes. Upon pressing the button, the tiny green light beside the button light turns on, indicating the working of the UV feature.

Samsung UV Sterilizer interior

Samsung doesn’t recommend using the UV lights for a period of over 10 minutes to ensure performance isn’t compromised. So, the sterilizer will automatically turn off the lights after 10 minutes. The company claims that the sterilizer is effective against 99% of bacteria and germs. It includes some common microbes such as E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans. However, there is no scientific evidence that UV rays can kill the COVID-19 virus. And there is no mention of any virus anywhere in the official press release either.

As mentioned earlier, this UV sterilizer can double up as a wireless charger (10W). However, it’s limited to smartphones that support Qi Wireless Charging. It will continue to charge your phone even with the UV turned off.

Samsung UV Sterilizer Price in Nepal and Availability

Samsung UV Sterilizer initially launched in Thailand on June 1 with a price of 1,590 baht. Now, it is available in Germany, Romania, Singapore, and Hong Kong with a price of around $65. If Samsung Nepal decides to launch it here, we expect the price of Samsung UV Sterilizer to be around NPR 8,500.

Accessory Expected Price in Nepal
Samsung UV Sterilizer ~ Rs. 8,500
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