Six Useful Android Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

Android is an open operating system. Lately, the app numbers have increased rapidly giving us choices in each and every category. There are thousands of useful apps in Google Play Store. In this article, I have made a list of six apps that people in Nepal are mostly unaware about but might find really useful. These apps provide tons of facilities and a worthwhile android experience.

6. AmpMe

Ever regretted not bringing a speaker when going out with your friends? AmpMe is a perfect solution to this problem. What it basically does is connect a number of devices so that you can play something from your music library, Youtube or even SoundCloud, all at the same time on multiple speakers. Create a ‘party’, connect your phones to it, and then you’re good to go. This might sound gimmicky, but if you’re out somewhere with no speaker, this app can come in handy. The only downside of this app is that you’ll need to connect to a wireless network to use it. And yes, it works on iOS devices too.

5. Evernote

Evernote has been one of the best note makings and notes managing apps around for a while. Its simplistic design and vast functions are useful in every means. You can make a simple text note or a handwritten note, take pictures and even make notes by including attachments. Evernote even allows you to share your notes. There’s even a chat function when you’re co-writing something with your friends. Seriously, making notes has never been this easy.

4. Gravity Gestures

Everyone likes the chop-chop gesture in a Moto phone or the double tap to wake in OnePlus phone. But most of the phones people use still lack those features. The app Gravity Gesture is a perfect fit in these devices. You can use four kinds of gestures to open an app, to make a call, to control the volume or to toggle torch. There are various other functions you can do just by rotating your phone in different directions or by shaking it, giving you more control over what the gestures do.


IF is an app like Tasker. It lets you automate various functions just like tasker. This app was previously known as IFTTT (If this then that) which basically tells us all about the app. In this app, you create recipes where you’re basically filling in the blanks in the statement ‘If ___ then ___’ where you can add thousands of conditions. One example is, ‘If any new photo, post a tweet with the image’. What this function does then tweets the new image you have just taken. I use it for notification purpose on various stuffs I need to know. You can even make the light in your house flicker if something happens (such as when your favorite team scores a goal).

2. Pocket

You come across an article about your favorite football club or a blog by a famous person just when you were about to do something important. There might not always be time to read those articles. Pocket helps you in this situation by saving links for offline reading. Just drop the link you want to read later in the app and you’re good. It is similar to saving pages on browsers, but this app does a much better job.

1. Zedge

Wondering around the internet looking for the perfect wallpaper for your phone? Zedge is the perfect solution to your problem. Consisting of tens of thousands of amazing wallpapers, the contents of the wallpaper vary from anime, designs, and logos, to nature and sports. In an instant, you can find wallpapers related to almost every field. [Awesome Batman wallpapers btw!] You can also change your icon packs, download ringtones and notification sounds from this app.

So this list basically consisted of some apps I think we Nepalis don’t usually install on our android smartphones. Do you know any apps like these? Don’t forget to comment.