Health Officials: Sleeping anywhere near your mobile phone might cause cancer and infertility

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    Do you sleep anywhere near your smartphone? If your answer is yes, you might be actually doing yourself severe harm. According to the California Department of Health, people need to place their smartphone as far as possible while sleeping in order to decrease the exposure risk and diseases that follow. The department claims that sleeping anywhere closer than arm’s length of a smartphone could mean cancer and infertility.

    The California Department of Health released a guidance on Thursday regarding the exposure risk of mobile phone radiation. There have been multiple reports regarding mobile phones radiation while sleeping with some even claiming that they cause radiation while using normally. This guidance follows cities like San Francisco and Berkeley, where officials recently warned the risk of sleeping near one’s mobile phone.

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    Dr. Devra Davis, official, Environment Health Trust, says, “Keeping a phone directly on the body has never been a good idea.”

    Mobile phones use radiofrequency to transmit information. This frequency, although it is low, might be exposing us to harmful radiation, if the claims of the health officials are true. There are numerous research reports which claim that even under normal usage, mobile phones can cause radiation.

    Apple includes a radiofrequency exposure notice in its smartphones’ settings with numerous mobile phone manufacturers also agreeing to this issue.

    Dr. Devra Davis mentions, “Most people are not aware that there is a clear warning to keep the phone off the body embedded in the phone. This is particularly worrisome because most parents aren’t aware of these warnings are not managing their children’s expo California Department of Health sure to phones.”

    The notice from the California Department of Health emphasizes on the subject of radiofrequency easily penetrating the brain matter of kids. Children have more risk of being affected by radiation than adults as it can damage brain development.

    Although the reports regarding radiations of mobile phones causing cancer aren’t to be trusted yet, as a student of Public Health, even I would suggest you to stay away from mobile phones while sleeping.