Facebook users can now enjoy Spotify music from within the app

Spotify and Facebook collaborate to integrate miniplayer into the social media app
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Spotify has announced a new feature that lets users listen to Spotify music from within the Facebook app via a miniplayer. This will help people share and discover new music more conveniently, a feature that has contributed to the popularity of the platform. Today, we will be talking about this new feature in detail along with some recent changes in the subscription plans of the platform.

Spotify miniplayer in Facebook app

This is not the first time these two companies have collaborated. Even before this, users could sign into Spotify using their Facebook account. But with this, Facebook users will be able to do so much more when it comes to sharing and discovering music.

This new update introduces a new miniplayer with which users can enjoy Spotify music from within the Facebook app. You can share the music of your interest with your circle and even explain why it signifies to you. Your friends can engage on the shared music as they would with your other content on the social media platform.

How to use the new Spotify miniplayer on Facebook?

To use this feature tap, go to the Share menu by tapping on the three dots which will be on the top right of the songs you are currently streaming on Spotify. You can select Facebook and/or Facebook News Feed from within the menu. You can even add a message or note for a more personal touch.

Spotify Miniplayer Integration into Facebook

On the other hand, other people will be able to play the music that you shared from within the Facebook app. All they need to do is tap on the Play option below the shared music and a miniplayer with playback options will appear. A consent dialog box will appear if it’s the first time using the feature. You will also be able to listen to verified artist’s music directly from the post they share on Facebook. This also works for videos uploaded to Facebook that contain licensed music.


This new feature is available in 27 countries as follows:

Argentina Costa Rica Israel Paraguay
Australia Dominican Republic Japan Peru
Bolivia Ecuador Malaysia South Africa
Brazil El Salvador Mexico Thailand
Canada Guatemala New Zealand Uruguay
Chile Honduras Nicaragua USA
Colombia Indonesia Panama

Unfortunately, Spotify is yet to announce the new feature for any of the South Asian countries. But we expect that to happen in the coming months.

Spotify announces price hike in different regions

In other news, Spotify has hiked the subscription fee on many of its plans in numerous regions. This has been the case for different European countries including the UK. In the UK, the price of the Spotify Student package has been increased to £5.99 from £4.99. The fee for the Duo plan has been bumped to £13.99 from £12.99. Likewise, for the Family plan, the new price is £16.99 compared to the previous £14.99 fee.

The price hike is not uniform everywhere. For instance, the monthly subscription fee for Family Plan in Ireland is now €17.99 though it used to be €14.99 before the change. The company has also announced to raise the price of Family plans in the US but is yet to confirm the latest pricing.

Spotify is expected to announce price hikes for some countries in Asia and South America as well. There will be a one-month grace period before the implementation. After this, the company will automatically increase the price of said plan in the regions.

Football fans have been quick to point out that Spotify’s price hike has come just right after Daniel Ek, the founder of the platform, expressed his desire to acquire Arsenal Football Club via his Twitter handle. He already has support from Arsenal legends like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira for his bid.

However, we expect Spotify to reveal more about it when it shares its latest earnings on Thursday. Recently, the platform reported a loss of €125 million in a quarter despite the 150 million subscribers.

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