Tourism Core Launched – Modern Information Solution for the Tourism Industry

    tourism core launched
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    In an event on Dec 17th, organized by NCS Technology, a new cloud platform SaaS focused on the tourism industry of Nepal was introduced. And this is something of an interesting concept turned into reality. It is under the Thulo Group organization, which is also a pioneer of e-commerce in Nepal.

    The current scenario of Nepali tourism is a bit traditional. Gone are the days when you had to enquire by telephone about all kinds of tickets, hotel bookings and travel packages. But there still exist a bit of hassle when it comes to searching for various travel itineraries. And it’s not easy for the tourism businesses either. Meeting client requirements is not easy. Combining Airlines, Hotels and Holiday packages is a tough task and updating them constantly is another.  

    Enter Tourism Core. It is a new cloud platform, as a growth engine for tourism businesses. The first of its kind in Nepal, it is an all-in-one cloud platform that helps tourism businesses expand, improve and develop their services. In a nutshell, it will enable such businesses to sell domestic and international airline tickets, holiday packages and hotel rooms right from their website. 

    What is Tourism Core?

    This platform is a Saas (Software as a Service) for businesses that acts as a “middle-man” between customers, travel agencies and the other tourism industries. But this middle-man eliminates all the hassles that exists while accelerating and simplifying the procedures. Which means, it brings airlines, hotels, and travel agencies under one heading – in the business’ own website. Even if you don’t own your website yet, this cloud platform will assist you in creating one, and integrating their services within. And their services are designed to suit needs of all kinds of industries – small to large. 

    How it works?

    To assist in the businesses in their activities, Tourism Core consists of 11 core clouds. Each cloud represents a service they provide. These clouds are Hotel Cloud, Airline Cloud, Holiday Cloud, Payment Cloud, CMS Cloud, Advertising Cloud, Events Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. By the names, it should be clear which cloud provides what service. Businesses can choose to integrate those clouds partially as per their requirement or get the complete package as well. And all these work in both B2C and B2B models. 

    tourism core packages

    Any business that uses this SaaS will be able to sell their products, receive payments directly, sell tickets, generate reports, access data analytics for their business, manage employees, etc. Also, the payments are easier with various integrated payment gateways in this system. Businesses can use multiple local payment gateways such as Nabil, Khalti, nPay, NIBL, and international ones like PayPal, American Express, etc. Basically, manage every aspect of their business and website from one single back office. 

    Of course, a system that does all of this will probably be a bit complex. Tourism Core claims you need very less knowledge about the technology to integrate it in your business. Everything is automated. But of course, being a complex system, and that too, including cloud platform technology, a technical know-how is a basic requirement. 


    However, this is an innovatve idea that is now in action. And it is, at present, in its beginning stages. So, out of the 11 cores, only 5 core clouds – Airline, Holiday, Hotel, Payment and CMS clouds are ready to use from the launch day. Other services will be coming soon. Also, it might have small nitty gritty flaws. But in the future, it will all be worked out. And we might really see a truly automated tourism industry in Nepal. 

    For more information about plans, packages and rates, visit Tourism Core