Upcoming USB-C standard to allow 240W charging, more than double its current limit

    USB-C gets 240W charging USB Type-C C
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    USB-C is a dominant standard for data and power transfer. It uses a small physical connector and supports various USB standards like USB 4 and USB Power Delivery. And to make it even better, the latest revision of the USB forum has upgraded the maximum power supply of USB-C up to 240W.

    USB-C 240W power delivery

    USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced that it is doubling the amount of power that can be sent over a USB-C cable. The total power these new cables will be able to transfer is up to 240 watts, making it compatible to charge even high-end gaming laptops.

    To compare, the previous iteration or the one currently in circulation allows for power transfer of up to 100 watts only, which isn’t sufficient for gaming laptops and other high-end devices like large monitors. But with the update, one can comfortably rely on a Type-C cable for their charging needs.

    Everything new

    Mi 11X - Ports

    USB-IF has dubbed this latest 240W technology as “Extended Power Range (EPR)”. It will replace the previous top-tier “Standard Power Range”. To take advantage of the new features, you will also require a new range of USB-C chargers and cables.

    To recognize the cables that support EPR, they should have a specific icon. The icon will help the user visually check and ensure that it supports up to 240W of power. To be compliant, a cable must support up to 5A current and 50V energy.

    Final words

    All of this is great news for those of us who have wished for the ability to charge multiple devices with a single charger. Step by step, we are progressing to adopt a unified module. Who knows, maybe by 2030, we’ll be able to use a USB-Type C cable to fuel an electric vehicle as well.

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