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What is Wifi Direct and how does it work?

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A few years ago, we transferred music and photos via Bluetooth or Infrared but the transmission rate was not pleasing. It could take hours to transfer movies and sucked a lot of energy from the battery. But now, there is a technology called “Wi-Fi Direct” that helps us to transfer any kind of files between 2 devices using your Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Direct is arguably present in almost all the smartphones and laptops right now. It is way faster than Bluetooth and consumes very little energy from your battery.

Wi-Fi Direct also doesn’t require wireless access points like Router to connect two devices. So if you are outside your home and you need to share a file, Wi-Fi Direct would be your ideal choice. Wi-Fi Direct devices also use WPA2 encryption, which is the most secure way of encrypting Wi-Fi.

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Wi-Fi Direct is supposedly invented to be a standard that allows multiple types of devices supporting the Wi-Fi Direct standard to communicate with each other, this hasn’t really happened just yet. For example, there is no easy way to connect an Android smartphone to a Windows laptop. However, you can easily transfer files between two Android Devices or between two Windows laptop.

For sharing any file using Wi-Fi Direct, go to file manager->long press on that file and click share. Click on Wi-Fi Direct- and select the desired device.