Y-AMERICA : A Nepali App Transforming American Dream Into Realities

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As far as I know, every Nepali student must have thought about going abroad at one point or another. Well, our abroad list is kind of narrow and the USA is on the top of the list of many. Just having an interest is never enough for going abroad. A lot needs to be done starting from doing language preparations, choosing universities or courses and Embassy’s Interview is the nightmare of all. Many of you, might wish if you had someone who could assist you in decision making and give you pieces of advice. Well, now there’s an app named Y-AMERICA that could be that someone for you. This app is known for transforming American dream into realities of many.

Y-AMERICA is a 35.92 MB app developed by Red Developer and is already downloaded by 500+ android users in Google Play. The app is rated 4.6 based on reviews of 47 of its users. Looking at the comments it has got, the users are loving the app. The app is clean and has a user-friendly interface. You have to log into the app to make the full use of it. But, if you just want to read the articles in its dashboard you may even skip the logging part. But making an account doesn’t take long and I recommend you all make one of yours. That way, you can chat with nearby folks with the same interest as you and that is going to the USA for higher studies. You can even write your own queries of any kind and you’ll get helpful replies as well.

The app has the dedicated dashboard with articles managed in different categories like Admission, Interviews, Test Prep, Travel and Work in the USA. There aren’t much of articles for now but from all those that are already available, all of them look promising. I read few of them and got worthy of ideas to keep in mind. The dashboard can be taken as the place where you’ll find frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the queries from students applying for the USA.

The best part about this app is Interview tips and tricks. Here you can find the stories of those who made it to the Visa Approval. The complete dialogue between the Visa Officer and applicants is included in many articles. The thorough analysis on why the Visa has been approved and why it hasn’t is in those posts as well. Reading these articles might give you more confidence to face your Visa Interview and might increase the chance of its approval. The best answers to most probable questions are easily accessible in the app. Anyone can easily know about the do’s and don’ts while facing a Visa Interview.

There’s a lot one can get from this app. If you’re applying for any Universities in the USA for your further studies, I recommend you to try the app for yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret trying the App Y-AMERICA.