This QR terminal lets you hear exactly how much you got paid

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Nepali startup Yarsa Tech has launched a new type of QR terminal called “AudiQR”, which enables instant payment confirmation through voice. So let’s take a closer look at the Pokhara-based tech lab and its latest product.

AudiQR Overview:

As mentioned above, AudiQR is a QR payment terminal that confirms the transaction with live audio in Nepali language. For example, say someone makes a payment worth NPR 538 on an AudiQR terminal, then you’ll hear something like:

“पाँच सय अठतीस रुपैयाँ प्राप्त भएको छ।”

As such, it combines the ease of QR payment with the convenience of an audio confirmation. Right now, QR payments in Nepal still lack that sense of reliability and you have to check in with the vendor to make sure it went through. With AudiQR, this would be solved and you could be 100% sure every time.

Let’s briefly talk about the features of AudiQR by Yarsa Tech.

AudiQR features


Being a product that was both designed and engineered in Nepal, Yarsa Tech claims AudiQR to be secure and reliable for years to come. Their device management system allows you to control and manage multiple AudiQR devices from a centralized dashboard. Additionally, you also get 5+ years of OTA firmware updates, 2 years of free repairs, and 1 year of warranty. Whereas an AudiQR terminal can even be disabled over the cloud.


AudiQR can be tailored to match your brand identity and is fully customizable. Yarsa Tech also offers the ability to add custom features to meet your company’s personalized needs. Including the ability to support any local language for transaction confirmation.


The QR terminals are available in different variants. Most of them have WiFi support while some feature GSM connectivity too. The company says an AudiQR can last over 12 hours thanks to its built-in 2,200mAh battery, although it’s also available without a battery pack that you’ll need to keep plugged in at all times.

Yarsa Tech: Company Overview

Yarsa Tech is an electronics company as well as an R&D (Research and Development) lab based in Pokhara, Nepal. They are focused on innovation and bringing the forefront of the latest technology in their products. As such, the company is dedicated to delivering high-quality products tailored to their customers’ needs. In their words,

Yarsa Tech is more than just a company. It’s a place where creativity and technology meet. We focus on turning ideas into real products that make life easier and more exciting in Nepal.

AudiQR Price in Nepal and Availability

The base variant of AudiQR — without GSM or battery backup — goes for NPR 2,200, while the one with both of them costs NPR 3,600. These prices are without VAT, by the way. And Yarsa Tech says it will sell these devices to financial institutions and digital wallet companies, which will then integrate their QR code and provide that to their customers.

Yarsa Tech AudiQR variant Price in Nepal
AudiQR W1 (WiFi only) NPR 2,200
AudiQR W1P (WiFi + battery) NPR 2,500
AudiQR W1 (GSM + battery) NPR 3,400
AudiQR W1 (GSM + WiFi + battery) NPR 3,600
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