Nepali tech company Yarsa Tech launches NIZI Power 12V!

NIZI Power 12V Price in Nepal
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We have all been prone to a few hours of power cuts lately with all the upgrades to our power lines happening right now. With this Nepali problem comes a Nepali solution! NIZI Power 12V from Yarsa Tech! In this article, we’ll get into the specs, features, and official price of NIZI Power 12V in Nepal.

NIZI Power 12V Overview:

Company Overview

Before stepping into the product details, let’s learn about the company first. Yarsa Tech is a sister company to Yarsa Games, that has produced banger games popular among Nepali folks such as Ludo and Call Break. It is an electronics company as well as a Research and Development lab based in the lake city of Nepal — Pokhara. This consumer-based electronics manufacturing company has produced innovative products such as Junkiri and AudiQR. Adding to the list of their impressive portfolio of products is NIZI Power 12V!

NIZI Power 12V Overview

NIZI Power 12V is a power bank designed to provide backup power to electronic devices during power outages. This power bank boasts a monstrous 8,800 mAh cell, able to provide 6 to 8 hours of backup.

Yarsa Tech Nizi Power 12V Specs

This product is really a jack of all trades, able to power a variety of different devices. It is able to power routers, cameras, CCTV systems, door control systems, attendance systems, network equipment, security systems, etc. In addition, it can even provide power to our personal devices like mobile phones and tablets.


Yarsa Tech NIZI Power 12V Price in Nepal and Availability

The Yarsa Tech NIZI Power 12V price in Nepal is NPR 3,000 with a 1-year warranty in addition. You can buy NIZI Power 12V directly from their website.

Yarsa Tech NIZI Power 12V Price in Nepal
NIZI Power 12V रु. 3,000
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