CES 2019: Acer showcased a variety of laptops ranging from power to portability

acer ces 2019
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There are just so many companies jousting to showcase their latest and the best at CES 2019. And even if you are totally crazy about tech, things are too much to handle! With companies like ASUS having shown their hands, Acer has some on its sleeves as well. This CES, Acer has three new laptops up its sleeve.

Acer Predator Triton 900

acer predator triton 900

While Acer did tease this beast back at IFA 2018, the fully functional model is only now up for the show. And this is the combination of Beauty and the Beast both, to say the least. And to call it only a laptop seems undermining, too. It features the impressively engineered “Ezel Aero Hinge” that lets you have four usage modes. You can flip it over to make an entertainment-only system, slap it down for tablet only mode, a stand mode for efficient working, and the usual notebook mode.

acer predator triton 900 tablet mode

But that is only the aesthetics part of it. In terms of hardware, the laptop packs an immersive 17″ 4K IPS display with NVidia’s G-Sync technology. It is powered by the 8th-gen Intel i7-8750H processor with RTX 2080 graphics. It packs 32 GB of RAM and PCIe SSD storage options in a Raid 0 Array. That is a lot of power to handle, and to support it, the laptop features 4th Gen AeroBlade cooling with CoolBoost technology.

With all that it packs, it is not surprising that it is almost 2.4 cm thick, and that it costs a whopping $4000! It will be available for purchase around March. Designs like this, and that of the ASUS ROG Mothership, are great refreshing views from the usual laptops, and we expect to see more by the time CES 2019 is over.

Acer Predator Triton 500

With all that it offers, the Acer Triton 900 is a very compelling piece of a laptop. But of course, $4000 is a lot of bucks to shell out. So, should you want a great gaming laptop from the Triton range, but don’t want to spend as much, there is the new Acer Predator Triton 500.

acer predator triton 500

This is nowhere close to the Beauty and the Beast combo of the Triton 900, aesthetics wise. But this more affordable option packs a lot of the same hardware inside a conventional notebook chassis.

The Predator Triton 500 features a 15.6″ 1080 display with 144 Hz refresh rate and 3 milliseconds of response time. It, too, is powered by the latest 8th-gen Intel i7-8750H processor with the latest RTX 2080 graphics too. Only, you get the slightly less powerful RTX 2080 Max-Q on this one. But you also have a RTX 2060 configuration available. Besides that, you get PCI SSDs in Raid 0 array too, and can have up to 32 GB RAM.

At $1800, this is a much affordable deal for those who want a portable gaming machine. But of course, if you’re looking for something that stands out, this is not something that will.

Acer Swift 7 2019

Acer’s Swift 7 was a hihgly portable notebook when it came out, too, but now, they’ve made it even smaller. In fact, so much so, that it is a laptop with second most-thinnest bezels with a 92% screen real estate. The first position, of course, went to the ASUS Zenbook S13, with a screen real estate of 97%. But this one, is lighter weighing under 1 kg!

acer swift 7 2019

But such a slim chassis comes with some compromises. To maintain the small size, there are no cooling mechanisms inside. And so, the only option to manage thermals is to integrate a very power-efficient Intel Y-Core CPUs. And this leads to sacrificing quite the power. You get an Intel i7-8500Y CPU inside, combined with 16 GB RAM, and up to 512 GB storage. That makes it suitable only for the road warriors, not for those doing heavy workloads. For an asking price of $1700, the configuration seems not so worth it.

Besides, that. the display is a 1080 IPS panel with 100% sRGB color gamut and ample 300 nits of brightness. And with an extremely conservative design, there’s nothing eye-catching or compelling feature about this. Which is why,  even thouh this is pretty slim and sleek, it doesn’t get enough attention.

So, that is what is new from Acer this year at CES 2019. If there are any other new releases, we’ll surely let you know.

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