CAN Info Tech 2016 Walkthrough

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    The much awaited time of the year for tech savvy’s, the CAN Info-Tech took off today with thousands of enthusiast visitors. It was an overwhelming experience to see all the pretty setups and stalls with people swarming around at every corner. But the Info Tech experience as a whole is getting dull every year. Nothing new is showcased, we see the usual tech stuff we see on the market, it’s just that everything is at one place. But what really drags people towards CAN Info-Tech is the cheap prices of tech stuff offered during the event.

    This year the Info Tech is all crowded with ISP providers in the main hall, not to mention Subisu which is standing large and tall at the centre of the event. You could find all the major ISPs of Nepal like Subisu, Otel, Vianet, Classic Tech, WebSurfer and many more. There are many special offers provided by these ISPs during this event which is sort of like the festive offers. As loadshedding hits the country hard, there were a noticeable amount of solar powered stuff, generators and inverters that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

    This year very few smartphone brands showed up for the event. Notable brands like Samsung, Colors, Gionee were absent on this event. The brand that did show up were Huawei, Sony, Micromax, Karbonn, DTC with nothing new to showcase. Apart from that, we saw few 4K Tv’s and headphones from Sony; few projectors, high-speed WiFi routers, printers, scanners and few laptops, mainly from Dell and Lenovo.

    Few new names showed up during the event like Arun(Headphones & Powerbank), AEE(Action Camera & Drones), Netis (WiFi Amplifier and Routers), Pentax (Cameras) and many more. There are also few stalls with electrical scooters that are quite expensive but will do the job at this time of crisis.

    And like expected there are a whole lot of stalls that provide computer and smartphone related accessories; USB Flash drives, portable HardDrives and power banks being the top selling products the event.

    We really had our hopes high for the CAN event, we expected few drones, new notable hardware, IoT related stuff but could find none. To sum it up, CAN Info-Tech has been just a platform for people to get their hands on all the tech related stuff at one place. But at big events like this, we always expect to see something new and innovative.

    *Videos coming soon