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Samsung Earbuds Price in Nepal

Find the latest Samsung earbuds price in Nepal. TWS earbuds are an essential smartphone accessory in Nepal in this day and age. This is because they offer convenience all while serving as a fashion accessory as well. We expect the South Korean tech giant to offer its take on any given product category, and earbuds are no different. Given the size and influence of the company, we expect the top-notch offerings from them and deliver they do. In this list, you’ll find the Samsung Earbuds price in Nepal of available models, specifications, and overview as well.

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Samsung Earbuds Price in Nepal

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Samsung: Brand Overview

Samsung is one of the largest and most well–established brands in the entire world. It was founded back in 1969 AD as a grocery store and a noodle shop. The company has now expanded and grown into one of the largest business conglomerates. Such that, Samsung now produces goods ranging from semiconductors to shipping vessels. With the large variety of offerings from Samsung, it has established itself as the second-largest electronics manufacturer and the 26th-largest company in the world in terms of revenue.

Samsung Earbuds in Nepal 

As mentioned earlier, the reach and influence of Samsung are far and wide. And the case is no different in Nepal either. Even though Nepal is a developing country with very less tech-savvy people, Samsung has successfully made its mark. Samsung’s penetration in Nepal is sizable with people easily recognising the brand. Here, people associate Samsung with quality and a wide variety of products ranging from top-of-the-line to affordable options. They offer various product categories in Nepal like home appliances, and consumer electronics such as smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds.

Samsung Earbuds

Samsung is one of the brands we immediately associate with premium quality and flagship products. And such that, Samsung’s earbuds offerings are on the expensive end. The Samsung earbuds available in Nepal are all premium models. The most affordable Samsung earbuds are priced at NPR 16,999. Even then the TWS is a few years old at this point. There are a very limited number of Samsung earbuds in Nepal with sizeable price differences. These products are distinct and definitive in their own rights. As a result, choosing a Samsung earbud as per your requirement and budget, should not be tough.

Samsung Earbuds Price List (2023)

Samsung Earbuds Price in Nepal
Galaxy Buds+ रु 16,999
Galaxy Buds 2 रु 17,999
Galaxy Buds 2 Pro रु 27,999