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PC Build Under 2 Lakhs

Here’s our list of PCs that you can build under 2 lakhs right now. These generally consist of an Intel offering, an AMD offering, and a package build with monitors and accessories. If you already own the accompanying accessories, you might opt to go for the builds without the monitor+ freebies combo. This way you are getting the maximum bang for your buck. On the flip side, if you don’t have a display at all, the PC is just a tower. Keeping that in mind, we also include a PC build with a similar grade monitor included in the price. Now, this does mean that less amount is being spent on the tower itself but in the end, your PC build will be complete with monitor+keyboard+mouse all under 2 Lakhs.

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PC Build Under 2 Lakhs

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PC Build Under 2 Lakhs

If you're not sure how this works, let's get a few things out of the way. To build a PC, first, you define your purpose (gaming, content creation, or general use) and set a budget (< 2 lakhs). Then, select the necessary hardware.  Now the first things might be fairly easy but selecting the necessary hardware requires knowledge of PC components, current market pricing, and weighing options. This might be stressful for your average Joe. That's why we've curated a list of PCs that you can build for under 2 lakhs. For NPR 200,000, you can get a fairly powerful system for gaming and editing.

Things to consider to build a PC in Nepal

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

If you've ever wondered why a gaming PC is so expensive, the GPU is to largely blame. But it's also the main component for your PC to render complex graphics. And for under 200,000 rupees, you are looking at the latest gen entry-tier/mid-range GPUs or last gen's upper mid-tier GPUs. You'll notice that our list is dominated by NVIDIA GPUs with not a single Radeon RX card in sight. Cards like the RTX 4060 Ti and the RTX 3070 are our picks for an ideal GPU at this price.

Processor (CPU)

For this price, it's wise to pick last gen's processors as they are powerful yet affordable. As such, Intel's 12th Gen processors, or AMD's 6000 series is ideal. But you can find even sweeter deals if you go for the 5000 series. We even managed to fit a Ryzen 9 5900X CPU in one of the builds at this price point which was surprising.  


A motherboard is essentially a circuit board that connects all of the components of your PC. Its selection is primarily determined by the brand of CPUs you intend to use in your build. Intel and AMD CPUs use different motherboards, each with its own set of sockets and chipsets. So your motherboard choice will be affected by the choice of your CPU. 

CPU Heatsink / Fan

Cooling is an important component of a CPU build and has a direct impact on how well your processor performs. Cooling options range from simple fans and heatsinks to sophisticated liquid cooling systems. For this price range, you should be considering an AIO setup on top of regular old fans. It's because you will be running fairly power-hungry components that generate a lot of heat, and you can also afford to fit liquid cooling inside your budget. As such, there is no reason why you shouldn't go with AIO on a PC build at NPR 200,000.

Power Supply Unit

The Power Supply Unit (PSU), as the name implies, provides the necessary power for your build to function. We recommend a 700W PSU for a high-end build, 600W for a mid-tier build, and 500W for a budget build. Each PSU also has an 80 Plus rating, which indicates how efficient the power supply is For the under 2 lakhs PC build, we recommend you go with a 750W PSU with an 80 Plus rating.


RAM is the computer's volatile or short-term memory. There are numerous RAM manufacturers to choose from but to avoid any problems, stick with branded RAM. Anyone building a PC in 2022 should definitely consider DDR4 RAM, which is also sufficient for gaming and editing. For the price, 32GB of RAM would be a no-compromise option. But if you're tight on budget, dual-channel 16GB should also suffice for most tasks.


Generally, there are two types of storage to choose from: SSD, and HDD. Although your storage options will have little impact on your gameplay and frame rate, they will have a significant impact on your PC's responsiveness, installation time, app opening times, and data transfer speeds. Since Hard drives are too slow, we recommend an SSD for your games and system files. But, if you work with large amounts of video and media, investing in them (HDDS) for bulk storage might not be a bad idea either. 512GB SSD should be a minimum and you can always upgrade it later on.


Finally, a case is what holds everything together. For the build, you can find the PC Case for as little as Rs. 10,000 in Nepal and the high-end variants can go really steep in price. The amount of airflow allowed by the case results in more efficient cooling, not to mention lower noise levels. For all types of PC builds, a mid-tower ATX case will suffice. If you've chosen all of the components and still have money to burn, you can look into Full Tower ATX cases as well.

Where to build a PC in Nepal?

The above-listed PCs can be assembled in Nepal at the mentioned price via Matechi. You can also build your dream PC by customizing components to your specifications. For starters, Matechi is a sister company of Fantech, so you can be confident that all of the products are genuine. Their showroom is in Dillibazar.