best camera smartphones in nepal with price

Best Camera Smartphones in Nepal [November Update]

Photos have been part of our life these days. We do things and take a snap. A single click, which lets you save a...

Getting Started with Bitcoins: How to get Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency transacted over the internet and serves as the Universal form of money. Just like the money we use...
smartphone myths and the facts behind it

Popular Smartphone Myths and the Facts Behind it

Smartphones myths are increasing day by day like every other tech gadgets. So in this article, we've tackled widespread smartphone myths existing right now...
understanding smartphone camera terms - beginners guide to photography

Understanding Camera Terms

With the passage of time, memories are faded and beautiful moments tarnish from our mind palace. To archive such memories, the cameras were introduced....
Blue light from smartphone displays - How to be safe - blue light filters

What’s the blue light from the display doing to you?

First things first, let us discuss blue light. We all know that light is made up of electromagnetic particles that travel in waves. These...
Free, public wifi are not safe - How to be safe on public wifi network

Free, Public Wifi is Not Safe! What can you do?

You can find free Wifi in most of the public places these days. Cafés, Restaurants, Hospitals and even public Buses let you use Wifi....
Things to consider while choosing smartphone Soc - Which smartphone soc should I choose

Things to consider while choosing a smartphone SoC

Buying a smartphone? But don't know which processor to choose? We've explained technical jargons in this article to make your decision easy.
best google chrome extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install Right Now

If we are on your computer, then the majority of time is spent in the browser, so it's necessary to have the right tools...
Facebook Account After Death

How to Handle your Facebook Account After you Die

Facebook has become an open personal journal for millions of people. Whatever you've done, accomplished, or celebrated over your lifetime all sits in your...

Best Water Resistant Phones You can Buy in Nepal

Gone are those days where your expensive smartphones get damaged by water. The new era of smartphones is made to withstand the usual calamities like...

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