how to upload pictures in your PC to Instagram

Want to upload pictures in your PC to Instagram? Here’s how you can do...

There may be times when you find a beautiful picture on your computer and think of sharing it on your Instagram. But when you...
samsung galaxy note 10

Here’s how your smartphone’s display is affecting your health

The OLED displays consist of self-luminous organic materials. Unlike the LCD display, which uses backlight, they have their own source of light. So these...
wireless charger in nepal

Everything you need to know about Wireless Charging: The past, present & the future

It won’t be a surprise when you see a tangled nest of wires in the corner of a table. Untangling your charging cable to...
reasons phones expensive nepal

Reasons Why Phones in Nepal are expensive compared to other countries

Here's the scenario. You need/want to get a new phone. You consider your budget and search for some good phones around it. Then, you...
5G technology

What is 5G? Why is it important?

5G is already heating up the market right now. For those of you who have been leaving under a rock, 5G is the successor...
pixel binning explained

Understanding Pixel Binning in Smartphones featuring Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

These days, smartphones usually seem to focus on two things – getting that edge-to-edge display and fitting more cameras into the phone. Smartphone cameras...
best apps of 2018

Our pick of the best Android Apps for 2018

What are the most used apps on your phone? Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the mainstream ones... Besides these, there aren't...
ssd buying guides

Things to consider while buying an SSD

SSDs are great, they help give your old sluggish PC a new life. No matter how much of a RAM or even...
things to consider while choosing a processor for laptop or computer

Which processor should you choose while buying a computer?

I feel you, the process of buying a good computer is a tiring work. It can be a very crafty job to...
pc building guide

PC builder’s Guide 101: Basics to choosing the right components for your rig

Hi there, we are here to help you with the ultimate PC building guide. By that, we obviously mean a gaming computer because why...

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