How to take a loan in NTC?

How to take a loan in NTC
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Do you happen to be a NTC user? Did you know that you can take a loan in NTC? This service from NTC is also called the “Namaste Credit” or “Sapati Service”. It is such a life-saver feature that it can be useful if you are ever stuck in tricky situations. Let’s discuss more on Namaste Credit in further detail.

How to take a loan in NTC?

There are two methods through which you can take a loan in NTC. Both methods are quite simple and you can follow either process depending on your convenience.

1. Via USSD

USSD stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” which is a standard used to request or subscribe to a service. If I am to explain it in simpler terms, USSD is anything and everything enclosed between “*” and “#”. This includes the likes of checking your balance, data, etc.

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to Namaste Credit via USSD as well. The shortcode for this is 1477. The full process for taking a loan in NTC via USSD is as follows:

  1. Dial *1477# on your phone
  2. Select the option 1
  3. Done!

That’s it! NTC will credit your account with the Sapati amount. Other than that, you can check your credit status as well as stop the service via USSD. Here’s how:

  1. Dial *1477# on your dialer
  2. Select 3 to check status
  3. Choose 2 to discontinue the service

Pretty similar, and pretty easy!

2. Via SMS

Now the next method to subscribe for Namaste Credit is via SMS. Follow these steps to take a loan in NTC through SMS:

  1. Open your Messages app
  2. Type “START
  3. Send it to 1477


Congratulations! You just received a loan from NTC. Just like with the USSD service, you can also check the status and stop the Namaste Credit service via SMS.

  1. Type “STATUS” to check your credit status
  2. Type “STOP” to stop the service
  3. The rest of the process and the shortcode are the same

That’s how to take a loan in NTC. But, of course, there will be additional nuances.

Some more things on taking a loan in NTC:

What amount of credit do I get as an NTC loan?
The base amount you get as a loan in NTC is NPR 20. However, you do have an option to increase the credit limit.
How do I increase my credit limit in NTC?
NTC determines your credit limit, which is determined by your loyalty to the Telecom.

Hence, you can increase your credit limit by increasing the frequency of the NTC service you subscribe to. This includes recharging, purchasing data and voice packs, etc.

Can I take NTC loan through Nepal Telecom app?
No. There is a section for “Namaste Credit”, but it just asks you to one of the above methods.
How much charge does it cost when taking a loan in NTC?
Nil. You don’t have to pay any service charge for Namaste Credit service. You will only have to repay the used credit.
How do I pay back the NTC loan?
Just recharge your balance. NTC will automatically deduct your loan amount after you recharge.
What if I don't recharge sufficient amount after NTC loan?
If you have recharged at least 60% of your loan amount, then the NTC loan will be partially repaid.

For example:
If you have an NTC loan of NPR 20 and you top-up NPR 12 then NTC willdeduct that amount and you will have NPR 8 credit left. If you recharge less than that, say NPR 10, then the loan payment will not be triggered and you can fully use the NPR 10.

What can I use NTC loan for?
You can utilise the Namaste Credit for NTC services like making calls, sending SMS, and surfing the internet. However, you cannot transfer the balance you received through an NTC loan to other users.