Planning to get a tattoo? Check these apps and sites

Have your ever thought of getting a tattoo in your body? I think, at some point, everybody has. You must seriously consider and have a plan before getting inked. You need to do some preparation before you walk into the shop. Below I have listed some of the best-known apps and websites to help you before getting inked.

Check these apps and sites before getting tattoo in your body:

InkHunter (App: iOS, Android)


You’ve picked the tattoo you want, but you aren’t quite sure where it will look best. Should you get it on your bicep or your forearm? Why not check out a quick preview of how it will look with InkHunter. This is one of the coolest examples of augmented reality on smartphones. All you have to do is draw a little box where you’re thinking of getting the tattoo. Pick the tattoo design on the app, and point your phone’s camera at the box. Like magic, the box will disappear and you’ll see your tattoo design there, superimposed on your skin to perfection. Move the phone around to see exactly what it looks like from different angles.

/r/tattoos (Web)


If you are a regular Reddit user, then you have probably heard about this sub-reddit. Reddit has a community of tattoo enthusiasts who are proud to show off their skin art. But the r/tattoos sub-reddit isn’t just good to get inspired by designs.

Tattly (Web)


Tattly calls itself a temporary tattoo store. You choose a design from their vast collection. The tattoo gallery at Tattly is designed by professional artists. You can look and choose from the design and get inked by your local artist.

Color and Design play the vital role in a tattoo.

Tattoos Hurt (Web)


Tattoos Hurt tries to be as honest as possible in helping you decide whether you want a tattoo or not. It’ll tell you about all the pitfalls you can expect, from how to prep your body for it to post-procedure aftercare. It also has a helpful Tattoo Pain Scale chart, which tells you which body part is going to hurt the most. This is the kind of reality check that will make you want to just add a tattoo to your picture in Photoshop instead.

It’s also one of the few sites to talk about tattoo removal and the aftercare needed for it. Tattoos Hurt’s no-nonsense approach is a welcome change from the hyperbole-spouting, over-enthusiastic sites you’ll usually find on the web.

Tattoo Johnny(Web)


The site stores over 100,000 tattoo designs, neatly arranged by categories: animal, astronomy, ethnic, for men, for women, gambling, horror, insects, marine life, miscellaneous, mythology, patronage, plant life, religious & spiritual, reptiles & amphibians, specific body parts, tattoo styles, and zodiac. Browse or search to find the tattoo that you like the most. Then head over to the download page and print it out or get it on your phone so your tattoo artist can print it into a stencil.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”- Johnny Depp

In some cases above websites and apps asks for money but they are not expensive either considering this is a permanent image on your skin. But you can always check other websites for Free Tattoo Design like:-

Flash and Furious

flash_and_furious_logo The only problem with this site is it’s in French but you can always look at the design and take it to your local artist and get inked.

Tattoos By Design


You can go through the entire catalog and see the smaller images to get ideas from this website. The photos of tattoos sent in by community members are free to view. This will also give you some excellent ideas on getting your own tattoo.