Corsair acquires Origin PC: A making of something special?

Corsair acquires Origin pc
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We all know Corsair, the gaming peripheral manufacturer that recently entered the Nepali market. Yes, the same company, Corsair, acquires Origin PC, not the PC gaming platform but the US-based pre-built PC manufacturers. It’s easy to confuse the two but if you are a gamer, you know how it is.

In short, isn’t a gaming peripheral and internal component manufacturer for PC, buying out a well-loved pre-built PC manufacturer, a match made in heaven? Depends on how the story pans out.


Corsair makes RAM kits, power supplies, CPU coolers, casing, fans, and even liquid-cooled graphics cards. Not to mention their high-performance USB flash drives, all of which are excellent products. Then there are the gaming peripherals; mouse, keyboards, headphones, and mouse pads. On top of all that, they already manufactured a few pre-built PC too, take for instance the Corsair One.

Corsair one pre-built pc

The simplest way of look at this would be the use of more Corsair products to manufacturing pre-built PCs and stick an Origin logo on top. We also feel that huge discounts for their newly acquired company are in order. Corsair also produces an RGB solution called iCue, a software and hardware combo to easily manage and sync all the RGB lightings, plus a few extras like controlling fan speeds and temperatures.

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But Origin PC isn’t far off in the wow department either. They are creative and are known to built specialized gaming and workstation-class PCs and laptops. All of which are hand-built and they also offer 24/7 lifetime support from experienced gamers and hardware enthusiasts.

What can we expect?

Origin PC will live on to as an independent brand under Corsair. The company has assured its customers that they will retain the choices of components from multiple brands as usual. Furthermore, existing warranties, support and purchases will not be affected by this acquisition, for both companies whatsoever.

“With the gaming PC market continuing to expand as an increasing number of players make the jump from console to PC, we wanted to do more to reach customers in North America that prefer to buy, rather than build their system”

-CEO, Corsair

But because both are private companies, the terms of the acquisition are yet to go official. The only other things we are sure of is the fact that their Corsair Vengence PC, Corsair One and Corsair One pro aren’t going anywhere.

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Maybe we will finally see Corsair’s new Hydro X-series custom liquid coolers and iCue software integrated into newer Origin PCs. If you ask me, this is a great move from Corsair, they get the excellent sales channel created by Origin while easily integrating themselves to a newer market.

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