Daraz hopes to continue its success from 2019 in 2020

Daraz 2019 Year-End Data statistics
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Daraz has, without a doubt, created a shift in the lifestyle for both businesses and customers alike. Buying anything without the hassle of a salesperson and getting it delivered to your doorsteps, I mean what’s there not to love? From customizing user experience by incorporating AI, creating jobs, launching card pre-payment – Daraz has been covering all the milestones that lead Nepal to a digital era. 

Their statistic really show how much we as a country have become accustomed to the world of e-commerce.

Daraz 2019 – Statistics

This year alone the site had 339,069 visitors and about 1,239,940 total orders. Moreover, 3,062 sellers successfully sold their items. The majority of these figures can be seen owing to the recent 11.11 campaign. The second rendition of this shopping spree took place on November 11 as the previous year. Not only that, the 2nd Daraz 11.11 saw more than 3.5 Lakh users registered in a single day. Now that’s more than double of what it was in 2018’s 11.11.

Daraz’s Managing Director, Lino Alhering said that the campaign broke all records for Sale Day. They received almost 50,000 orders within those 24 hours. The team even went on to organize another campaign named “12.12” after the modest success of the former.

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The Future

The statistics clearly show the meteoric rise of Daraz in the past couple of years. This is mainly due to the fact that the company has always looked forward towards improvement.

In 2019 alone multiple upgrades were introduced in Daraz. These upgrades include pre-payment options through Debit/Credit card; better review and rating system including a feature that allows direct chat with the seller in real time called instant messaging; in-app games and much more.

In addition to all these, Daraz has also invested in improving its infrastructures. By establishing its own logistics unit called Daraz Express (DEX), along with employing more than 300 personnel, the company really hopes for good days in the future too.

Not only that, multiple new brands have also joined Daraz this term. THe new faces include the likes of  Samsung, Casio, Adidas, Titan, Xiaomi, Sonam Gears, TVS, and more.

With such a huge upgrade since 2018, it’s no wonder that the company’s number of sellers and orders have increased by 200% and 270% respectively.

As per their data, Daraz currently hosts 100,00 plus users daily. And along with that, delivers more than 1.6 Lakh packages all over Nepal each month. The upgrades that Daraz made last year will certainly help them achieve their aim of increasing these figures in 2020.

Most of us witnessed the improvement in Daraz app this year, and the company hopes to keep doing so in the future as well. Currently, they are working on introducing new payment methods such as digital wallets and more entertainment features for its consumers in 2020.  Furthermore, the company is also looking to further digitize the logistical ecosystem.

Nevertheless, the company will need to continue working on educating buyers through social media, video ads, and other outreaches. They clearly still have a long way to go to earn the buyers’ trust in Nepal. But with more and more people opting for virtual service these days, as depicted by the Daraz year-end data, I reckon it won’t be long before the company becomes a household name for online shopping.

“The company has had its fair share of success as well as criticism. This is acknowledged by Daraz’s MD himself saying feedback and criticism are what help them improve and be better.” But other than that, their business model and the kind of revolution that they have brought into the Nepalese market is really amazing. Everything is now at your fingertips. I really hope that sites such as Daraz really hit off in the market in the coming days.