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A closer look at Daraz 11.11 Sales Day

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So, by now, you must have seen ads and banners regarding the Daraz 11.11 Sales Day all around. It’s appearing on the streets, your Facebook walls, and YouTube too! Yes, the hype is real, people. After all, the world’s biggest sales festival is coming to Nepal!

Now, if you’re a regular online shopper, then, this will be all too familiar. But if you’re not, then read on further to know what this Sales Day is all about.

Now Daraz is Nepal’s number 1 online marketplace connecting sellers and buyers. We know Daraz to be providing discounts and offers – small and big, regularly too. Last year, it brought Black Friday to Nepal, which was a huge success too. And after its acquisition by Alibaba – the world’s largest online marketplace, the world’s largest consumer festival is here too.

11.11 Sales Day: Origin

The Daraz 11.11 Sales Day is the beginning here, in Nepal, but it has a history. Started 10 years ago in China by Alibaba, it is known as “World’s Singles Day“, or “Anti-Valentines Day“. Since it’s initiation, it was China’s most significant consumer festival, and now it is the World’s biggest, taking over Black Friday too! Last year’s Singles Day achieved a record sale of $25 billion!

Daraz 11.11 Sales Day

The Daraz 11.11 Sales Day will kick-off at 12 A.M. on November 11 (Kartik 25) and last for 24 hours, i.e. 12 A.M. November 12. It will be a full day of exclusive product launches, flash sales, mystery boxes, brand vouchers and unbelievable deals with up to 80% discounts. Of course, you already know that the Pocophone F1 is launching on that day! Customers will be able to choose from over 1000 local and international sellers, and so, you’ll have access to an assortment of deals, never seen before in Nepal.

This will be Nepal’s own “Virtual Haat Bazaar”, and it will be accessible via the Daraz App. The app also offers a truly personal AI driven experience and will show you the best of deals too. Truly, it might just introduce a new era of shopping.

This sales day will bring you the best in the industry. You will be able to get access to products from top international brands like MI, OnePlus, Samsung, Anker, Titan, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc. and top local brands like Goldstar as well as Holiday packages too. There will also be mind-blowing deals and additional vouchers. And the sales day covers every single category from smartphones to accessories, fashion, health, living, and all that you can imagine.

How to Get the most out of Daraz 11.11 Sales Day?

The Daraz 11.11 Sales Day will be accessible through the Daraz App, so, everyone with a smartphone needs to download the Daraz App.

  • Customers should browse the Daraz App to get access to new and exciting 11.11 deals. The app will also notify you when and as the deals are revealed
  • Starting November 1, customers can see the deals and vouchers from their favorite brands and can follow the official stores as well.
  • You can also add items to your wishlist, and on the sales day, you can notifications related to those very products.

Win Exciting Prizes from Daraz!

Daraz will also be displaying QR codes in various mediums such as banners, standees, and flyers in various places. You will be able to see them at various bank branches, and more than 100 restaurants, and even Human Billboards who will be strolling around at public places. They will also be placed on e-newsletters and Daraz Social Media pages.

All you have to do is scan the QR code and follow the simple instructions after that, which will make you a candidate for receiving exciting Daraz gift hampers!

With all that in tow, it really looks like we will see something that we’ve never seen before via the Daraz 11.11 Sales Day. The campaign is already in motion. Check the Daraz App to grab the latest and the best!