Daraz 11.11 Sales Day 2019: All the deals & discounts we know so Far

daraz 11.11 sales day 2019 deals
Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

So, by now, you must have seen ads and banners regarding the Daraz 11.11 Sales Day all around. It’s appearing on the streets, your Facebook walls, and YouTube too! Yes, the hype is real, people. After all, the world’s biggest sales festival is coming to Nepal!

Now, if you’re a regular online shopper, then, this will be all too familiar. But if you’re not, then read on further to know what this Sales Day is all about.

Now Daraz is Nepal’s number 1 online marketplace connecting sellers and buyers. We know Daraz to be providing discounts and offers – small and big, regularly too. Two years ago, it brought Black Friday to Nepal, which was a huge success too. And after its acquisition by Alibaba – the world’s largest online marketplace, the world’s largest consumer festival saw its debut in Nepal as well.

 How was 11.11 Sales Day Originated?  

The Daraz 11.11 Sales Day as of now, is in its second stage here in Nepal, but it has a history. Started 10 years ago in China by Alibaba, it is known as “World’s Singles Day“, or “Anti-Valentines Day“. Since its initiation, it was China’s most significant consumer festival, and now it is the World’s biggest, taking over Black Friday too! Last year’s Singles Day achieved a record sale of $30.8 billion!

 When is Daraz 11.11 Sales Day in Nepal? 

The Daraz 11.11 Sales Day will kick-off at 12 A.M. on November 11 (Kartik 25) and last for 24 hours, i.e. 12 A.M. November 12. It will be a full day of exclusive product launches, flash sales, mystery boxes, brand vouchers and unbelievable deals with up to 80% discounts. Last year, Daraz exclusively launched the Pocophone F1 on the 11.11 sales day. Customers will be able to choose from over 1000 local and international sellers, and so, you’ll have access to an assortment of deals, never seen before in Nepal.

This will be Nepal’s own “Virtual Haat Bazaar”, and it will be accessible via the Daraz App. The app also offers a truly personal AI-driven experience and will show you the best of deals too. Truly, it might just introduce a new era of shopping.

This sales day will bring you the best in the industry. You will be able to get access to products from top international brands like MI, OnePlus, Samsung, Anker, Titan, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc. and top local brands like Goldstar as well as Holiday packages too. There will also be mind-blowing deals and additional vouchers. And the sales day covers every single category from smartphones to accessories, fashion, health, living, and all that you can imagine.

 Daraz 11.11 Sales Day 2019: Bigger than ever? 

The first edition of the 11.11 Sales Day was a huge hit for the company. According to the company, there was an 80% increase in sales on 11.11 compared to any other regular business day. More than 2 lakh people visited the Daraz mobile app and accessed a catalog of over 1000 sellers and brands.

Following suit to last year’s success, Daraz is all geared up to welcome an even larger pool of visitors onto its platform. This year, the company is expecting to garner 3.5 lakh potential buyers and is offering exciting deals on over 3 lakh products with up to 80% discount. This time around, Daraz has managed to cap the number of sellers to 3000, thus resulting in an even wider selection of products.

 What’s new in Daraz 11.11 in 2019 for Nepal? 

A company’s expansion is never an easy task. Additionally, Daraz hasn’t been free from controversies since the day it started operation in Nepal either. People have complained about its delivery schedules, inefficiency in handling customer orders, etc. to name a few. The overwhelming response from the first rendition of the 11.11 Sales Day was a wake-up call for the company to work on itself. And we’re happy to report that Daraz has incorporated multiple exciting tactics to counter the problems realized in last year’s event, and thus provide the customers with a satisfactory online shopping experience.

  • An increased number of delivery agents
    • You might have heard of this. To ensure that the sheer volume of customer orders on the day is effectively fulfilled, Daraz has hired 400 additional Delivery Heroes. Therefore, getting your order delivered at the scheduled time should not be that big of an issue.
  • Partnership with different banks
    • Daraz is now associated with 6 banks in total as “Payment Partners”. Customers of Nabil Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Sanima Bank, NIC Asia, Mega Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank are compatible to grab up to 20% discount or NRs. 3,500 off on various items using their respective debit or credit cards. Similarly, Daraz is also introducing the feature to make digital pre-payment on customer orders.
  • Product collection points
    • As discussed before, delivering a customer’s order in time has always been a significant challenge for Daraz. Thus, the company has come up with “Package Collection Points” in various cities. Such points facilitate the severance of interaction between customers and delivery agents. Customers can themselves pick up their package(s) from such points, and simultaneously save up on shipping costs while doing so.
  • Bigger warehouse for handling orders
    • Another major complaint Daraz receives is that people’s orders are mismatched and they end up getting something they didn’t order. I personally have been a victim of this, twice! Thus, Daraz is implementing a bigger warehouse complemented by a bigger number of warehouse personnel to handle customer orders more efficiently.
  • Better review system
    • Reviews are crucial when it comes to online shopping. It’s a common practice to check what other buyers have had to say about the product before buying one for yourself. Daraz now allows the users to attach product images in their reviews, facilitating a detailed exchange. Additionally, you can now directly chat with the seller to know more about the product.
  • Training to the sellers
    • The sellers are one of the key players in online shopping and there has to be an understanding relationship between the sellers and Daraz. This is more important than ever since the company is the gateway to over 3000 different vendors. Therefore, Daraz has been continuously working to provide adequate training to its sellers to drive up online sales.

 Launches we’re excited about! 

At this point, we’ve come to expect some exciting exclusive launches from Daraz on its 11.11 Sales Day, and it looks like we get to put on a happy face this time as well. Here are some of the new launches that have us excited!

Apple iPhone 11 Series Prebooking

New year, new iPhones. Apple launched 3 new iPhones in its 11th generation – iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. All these come with Apple’s all-new A13 Bionic chipset, which is the best in the business. While the cheaper iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera setup, the “Pro” models are equipped with an additional telephoto lens.

The regular iPhone 11 starts at $699 while the 11 Pro and Pro Max start at $999 and $1,099 respectively in the international market. However, the Nepalese audience has always had to bear an additional 20 to 30% charge when buying an iPhone in the domestic market. So, we’re expecting the iPhone 11 to start at around NRs. 100,000 or maybe a little more.

OnePlus 7T Pro Exclusive Launch

We had previously reported that the OnePlus 7T Pro would be launching before Tihar in Nepal, but it looks like Daraz has snatched that opportunity. The phone will now be a Daraz exclusive and launch on its much anticipated 11.11 Sales Day instead.

OnePlus 7T Pro is an incremental upgrade over its predecessor, the OnePlus 7 Pro. It packs the slightly more powerful Snapdragon 855+ chipset, which features an overclocked GPU as well. Another notable upgrade in the 7T Pro is a slightly bigger 4085 mAh battery capable of charging 23% faster. On the memory front, the phone comes in a single 8/256GB model.

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Redmi Note 7 Pro (6/128GB) Promo Offer

The Redmi Note 7 Pro is the top contender for value-oriented phones in Nepal. However, its launch in Nepal was considerably late than in India. The 6/128GB variant of the phone was launched for NRs. 29,999 which recently received a price drop and is now available for NRs. 28,999. However, Daraz is looking to shake things up with an even better deal on the Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Though there are a lot of things to talk about the device, its highlight feature definitely is the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor. For your portrait shots, you get a 5MP depth sensor. For a budget smartphone, the Redmi Note 7 Pro has a premium-y feel because of its glass back. On the performance front, the Snapdragon 675 here is a decent chipset for a mid-range device.

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Discount on Semi-Flagships

Semi-flagship phone’s like Oneplus 7, Huawei P30, and Nova 3 will be receiving big discounts in Daraz 11.11 sales day this year. The Oneplus 7 (8+256GB) is expected to be priced at just Rs. 60,000 and the Huawei P30 will only cost Rs. 70,000. A year-old Nova 3 will be available under Rs. 40,000. You can further get an Rs.3500 discount by purchasing from the above-mentioned banks.

Discounts on Canon DSLR

If you are thinking of stepping up your photography game and investing in a budget DSLR, look at the Canon’s entry-level DSLR 4000D. It is expected to get around a 30% discount.

 The Extras 

Yamaha Ray Zr Street Rally Giveaway

One lucky buyer during 11.11 sales day in Nepal will win a brand new Yamaha Ray Zr street Rally Scooter via a lucky draw.

Game Zone

Game Zone is an in-app mini-game, which is a gateway to gift vouchers from different brands and vendors. There are 3 games here: “Daz The Delivery Boy“, “Candy Poppin!“, and “Fishing Daz“. During its special event which will run from November 10 (00:00) to November 11 (17:00), Daraz has upped the prize pool, which now includes Fantech Products, Huawei Y Max, and Realme C2 smartphone.

Daraz साथी Program

This is a simple referral program from Daraz. Under this, a registered user can win gift vouchers up to Rs. 500 when anyone registers a Daraz account using the aforementioned user’s link.

Daraz Early Birds

  • The “Early Birds” offer allows a select number of shoppers to be eligible for limited-time offers on various products from 12 pm to 1 am. Early Birds are also eligible for free shipping.

Win Exciting Prizes

Daraz will also be displaying QR codes in various mediums such as banners, standees, and flyers in various places. You will be able to see them at various bank branches, and more than 100 restaurants, and even Human Billboards who will be strolling around at public places. They will also be placed on e-newsletters and Daraz Social Media pages.

All you have to do is scan the QR code and follow the simple instructions after that, which will make you a candidate for receiving exciting Daraz gift hampers!

With all that in tow, it really looks like we will see something that we’ve never seen before via the Daraz 11.11 Sales Day. The campaign is already in motion. Check the Daraz App to grab the latest and the best!