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Daraz 12.12 is here!! Collectable Vouchers, Daraz Mall, and Mega Deals

daraz 12.12
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If you missed out on the 11.11 sale,  worry no more because Daraz 12.12 sale is here. They are bringing in more features, with an aim to bring you a “truly unique shopping experience”. The offer lasts till tomorrow (12 December), so if you haven’t tried it yet, it is worth checking out.

The Daraz 11.11 sale was pretty successful, with its fair share of controversies. They have been trying to fix their shortcomings while at the same time adding a few new features. Two of which are Daraz Mall and Collectible Vouchers.

Daraz Mall

Daraz has been trying to bring in more genuine products to their online store. A set of trustable sellers which are authenticated by Daraz itself would do that. Daraz Mall is exactly that, dozens of verified retailers, brands, and stores, a healthy confidence booster for online shoppers.

They are also providing a 14-day return policy on all products bought from the Daraz Mall. Their selection includes brands like Asus, Goldstar, SteelBird, Xiaomi and more. The categories are easily sorted out and everything is pretty easy to find. Although the quantity of sellers isn’t that huge, it should improve over time. 

Collectible Vouchers

Vouchers can be collected from this link here. Once you collect an available voucher you can then use it to buy products from the respective seller. Every seller is giving away different types of vouchers, all of which are basically discounts. These vouchers are limited and they do run out pretty quickly.

You also need to spend a minimum amount to be eligible to use the vouchers. The other thing you need to keep in mind is the expiry date the vouchers come with. With that said vouchers are automatically applied if you meet all the conditions, so it is pretty straightforward.

Apart from these new offers, Daraz is giving away heavy discounts on a selection of products which you can check out here.