Missed out on 11.11? Maybe the Daraz 12.12 Sales Day has got something in store for you!

Daraz 12.12 sales day
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E-commerce has taken the world by storm. Buying stuff at the comfort of your house from a great selection of products has substantially made our lives easier. And in the context of Nepal, Daraz has been the frontrunner for the biggest e-commerce platform in the country. Owned by the Chinese behemoth Alibaba, Daraz has been successful in garnering the local’s attention through its discounts/offers, interactive app & website, exclusive sales day, aggressive promotion, and many more. The company’s annual 11.11 Sales Day successfully concluded its second venture last month. And now, Daraz is gearing up for its end-of-the-year 12.12 sales event. Let’s take a closer look.

Daraz 12.12 Sales Highlights

As with most of Daraz’s events, the 12.12 Sales will bring special offers on a variety of electronic products from smartphones to TVs. Though we haven’t got the word on exactly which products will get special deals, we know that smartphones from OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo will be the one to look out for on this event.

Moving on to the household electronics, you’ll also find attractive deals on Samsung’s TVs, washing machines, etc. Of course, there’ll be attractive price drops and schemes on other assorted products as well, but these are the ones we’re psyched about.

Emphasis on Daraz app

After its acquisition by Alibaba, the Daraz app is now far more feature-rich and interactive. You can do a lot of things on the app like play games, that you can’t on the website. Therefore, Daraz is pushing towards app-based users to site-based users. Since it is quite easier to use as well, we too recommend you browse Daraz via the app rather than the website.

Digital Payment

Here, Daraz is also trying to lure its customers to use digital payment instead of the traditional cash-on-delivery approach. This time, the company has collaborated with 5 banks (Siddhartha, Sunrise, Machhapuchchhre, Global IME, and NMB) as its payment partners. Using these banks’ debit/credit card, provided that your card is activated before 12.12, you are eligible to receive an additional discount of up to 15% (max Rs. 1500).

Daraz 12.12 Promotional Activities

As an effort to promote the 12.12 Sales, Daraz is introducing two new fun events inside the Daraz app (what did I tell you about the emphasis on the app). Let’s see what they are:

1 Rupee Game

The first of the lot is conveniently named the “1 Rupee Game”. Under this, Daraz assigns a different prize each day until December 12. Using the voucher code “1RUPEE”, the prize item’s price will drop to Re. 1 and you can make the order to be the potential winner. However, Daraz is further encouraging you to trust you with its PCI-compliant secure payment platform, as you must use the card payment option on your checkout to be eligible to enter the contest.

Mission 12.12

The next promotional activity for the 12.12 Sales is called “Mission 12.12”. Your mission, should you accept it, will include a total of 12 distinct challenges updated every day. After completing these tasks like opening the app, following brands, etc., you can win rewards from multiple brands like Sony, Timberland, Titan, etc. To follow the track of your mission, you’ll be required to enter the email address associated with the Daraz account.

The Extras

Furthermore, Daraz is offering free shipping on select products during the 12.12 Sales day. It’s not much, but still. There is still the “Daraz Saathi” offer where you can earn vouchers for referring other users.

We’ll keep you updated with all the best deals you can get on the Daraz 12.12 Sales day as they unfold. So stay tuned for more details and news regarding the Daraz 12.12 sales day!