Ducati to make electric motorcycles, says the “Future is Electric”

    Ducati Zero
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    Ducati didn’t just confirm its plans of manufacturing electric motorcycles, but the bike is actually close to starting production. In a Spanish event, the company’s CEO Claudio Domenicali announced the bike is “not far from starting production”. The statement also included “Future is electric”, further hyping up the speculations.

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    Wistfully, information about the bike itself remains undisclosed. Regional Managing Director Eduoard Lotthé hinted at a 2021 launch back in 2017, now seems wasn’t a complete hoax. We did see the Ducati Zero back in 2016, developed in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic school. But that was more of a concept rather than an actual product.

    Current Electric Motorcycle Market

    Motorcycle manufacturers entering the EV market isn’t something new. CSC City Slicker is currently offering the cheapest EV for $2500, that tops out at 45mph. Zero Motorcycles has had its hands on electric bikes for a few years now. They are currently the leaders in e-motorcycles and have revealed their new lineup for 2019.

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    SuperSOCO‘s new offering, the TC Max tops out at 62mph, has a range of around 68 miles, is priced at $5,100 and might get a Nepali launch too. Urban Motorcycles has also been on the rise lately, producing affordable electric bikes with lower battery range & lesser top speeds. Lighting motorcycles also released a teaser for their upcoming “Strike”.

    harley davidson livewire

    Even mainstream manufacturer Harley Davidson already made its new EV, the LiveWire official. The bike gets a total range of 177km and scores 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds. It comes with high-quality Brembo brakes, Michelin sports tires, and fully adjustable Showa suspension. Pre-sales have begun while the pricing is set at a staggering $29,799.

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    There is no denying Ducati is late to the EV party, but the Italian’s brand legacy, craftsmanship, and design team are unlike any other.