Vespa Electtrica set to go on sale in Europe

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    Vespa is one of the famous scooter brands has unveiled its first electric scooter – the Vespa Electtrica. The production of Vespa Electtrica will start this September and will go on sale in Europe in October. However, it will be available in the US and Asia from early 2019.

    According to Piaggio, the initial sales will be limited, and later expanded in November to coincide with EICMA 2018, also known as the Milan Motorcycle Show.

    Features of Vespa Electtrica

    Vespa Electtrica

    The new Vespa Electtrica has a retro Vespa design similar to the first one released back in 1946. Vespa claims that it has a maximum range of 62 miles (100km) and performance like that of a standard 50cc scooter. It takes about 4 hours for the silent, battery-powered scooter to fully charge. Maintaining the 4hr session charge every time will serve 100 percent of the battery capacity up to 10 years of use.

    The top speed of the Vespa Electtrica has not been confirmed. The scooter has an Eco mode which limits the speed to 19mph for battery preservation. The Vespa Electtrica will feature a DC motor having a power of 2 kW (2.7 hp) continuous and 4 kW (5.4 hp) peak power.

    Vespa Electtrica

    The Vespa will also have an advanced AI functions that Piaggio Group is developing for its robot Gita. Piaggio claims that the artificial intelligence system will enable the vehicle to sense potential risks or accidents. It will also be able to recognize their operators and provide an alternate route if there is a bad traffic and use navigation services.

    With the AI functions, the scooter can also detect pedestrian and vehicles near a certain radar. It allows the riders to access the digital dashboard, and connect phones with the scooter using Bluetooth.

    Vespa Electtrica

    The Electtrica X, a hybrid version, is also in work. It will have a total range of 124 miles. However, it will have a shorter battery life with the power of 31 miles. And when the battery levels get low, it uses the gas-powered generator.

    Price of Vespa Electtrica

    Although pricing hasn’t been announced yet, Piaggio Groups will line with high-end models. So we can assume the price of Vespa Electtrica to be around $7000.