Deals: FeiyuTech SPG Newest Versior Handheld Gimbal for $124

FeiyuTech SPG handheld gimbal price deals
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One of the most trending gadgets these days are Gimbal stabilizers. It lets you take highly stabilized moving videos and are perfect for travel bloggers and mobile videographers. In past couple of years, gimbals have become cheaper and easily accessible. Roll back few years, gimbals were something only available to the professional videographers.

Today, we found a very exciting deal at which we thought our viewers might be interested in. The $400 FeiyuTech SPG Handheld Gimbal is available for purchase for $124 only. At that price, it’s one of the most affordable handheld Gimbal you can buy.

Specs of FeiyuTech SPG Handheld Gimbal

Unlike other cheap handheld Gimbal out there, the FeiyuTech SPG boasts a full aluminum body with advanced surface processing which provides comfortable handling. It weighs just 350gms making it perfect for long one-timed holding. It also has a splash Proof Design, hence you can take it outside rain, but make sure your phone is water proof as well. Once fully charged, it can work for up to 8 hours.

FeiyuTech SPG price

With its revolutionary Sliding Arm, balancing Mechanism and a high precision brushless motor, one can immensely improve the quality of their shots and footage. According to the company, with the adjustable gravity center enabled by Optimized Quick-release System, the stabilization is more precise than ever before.

The FeiyuTech SPG works with the smartphone of any size and also your action camera such as GoPro Hero.

How To Buy FeiyuTech SPG for $124

You can buy the Feiyutech SPG Handheld Gimbal from this link. Make sure to use the coupon code to get the discount. The reseller, Tomtop is one of the largest e-commerce websites that provide free shipping worldwide.

Buy Here (Discount code: LSRFY115)

In Nepal, you can buy it using a PayPal account. The delivery usually takes around 2 weeks and will be delivered to your nearest location. There’s a negligible amount of TAX you need to pay, usually around Rs. 500.