Apple granted patent for a foldable device: A double-folding iDevice could be in the works

foldable iPhone apple granted patent
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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X are the very first smartphones that feature a foldable screen. Although both of these devices are yet to make their way to the market, the tech incorporated on these devices has surely shown us a glimpse of the future. The Mate X is currently in the works whereas Samsung is mending the issues found on the Galaxy Fold. At a time when these major players are indulged in fixing and polishing the folding technology, Apple seems to be getting started in the folding tech. Recently, the Cupertino-based company filed for a patent for folding phone and was granted as well. Unlike the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, this device will have a double folding screen.

The company had submitted a prototype last year in which the device folds in the middle. With that prototype, many had expected that a foldable iDevice could make it to the market ahead of others. But there is still no solid information regarding the progress of such folding machines.

Although only the patent for the double folding screen is currently making headlines, the company filed to protect both the single and multifold devices. The patent also includes a document with 37 drawings. The drawings show the technical features, folding configurations, and the working mechanism of all the folding configurations. It is also quite clear from the drawings about the rotating mechanism of the hinges when the screen on the device folds and unfolds. The source claims that the folding screen can go from a 180-degree angle to 90-degree angle.

Another image also appeared on the internet, which shows that the screen can be folded backward so as to form a triangle. When the screen is balanced on two edges, the same contents can be viewed on both the divided screens.

iphone x fold foldable iphone

Further details also revealed that the flexible cover layer on such devices would be made up of ceramic material like glass, strengthened glass, sapphire, and Zirconia. This could ensure better protection for the flexible display from impact or other potentially damaging contacts. If Apple could implement this, it might overcome the damaging issues found on the Galaxy Fold and could be even more reliable.

The patent reveals many technical details of the folding device. However, it’s still unclear whether the tech giant will implement this tech on its iPhones or iPads. The upcoming iPhones are slated to launch on October 2019 and there is just a few months for the company to work on. So it’s highly unlikely that Apple could launch a foldable iPhone this year. Also, these are just the schematics for the patents. So the upcoming iDevices may have a slightly or completely different design when it makes its way to the market.