Fossil Q Hybrid Smart Watch: A blend between a fitness tracker and a regular watch

Fossil Hybrid Watch
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When it comes to gadget we all have a phone in our pocket but what else do we have that we usually tie on our wrist? Well, it’s a smart watch. After the launch of Apple Watch in 2015, there has been a massive hype for smart watches. Today there are many smart watches out there that have LCD/OLED displays providing many extravagant features. They are equivalent to small phones on your wrist. Everyone does not fancy a smart watch. And if you’re like me who likes premium branded luxury watches then you’re are in luck.

Q series of Hybrid Watch:

Introducing Fossil’s Q series of hybrid watches. It’s with some features of a smartwatch. Fossil Q hybrid watches are basically analog looking watches with hidden smart watch facilities. The watch also has an activity dial that shows the percentage of the goal reached. Fossil also presents you with an app that connects with the watch. The app is available on both android and iOS. This app can be used for:

  • Activities tracing
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Setting custom activity goals
  • Alarms
  • Receiving notifications

All this works through the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the app. These notifications are something that the manufacturer has worked on extensively. Since the smart watch does not have a display, it is relayed through the vibration and movement of the watch dials.  You can program the dials of the watch to move in a certain combination that allows you to get notified that only you can understand. This makes your notification experience private. Talking about the battery life, it exceeds all smart watch battery life as it has a battery life of 6 months. Also, it has 2 separate batteries, i.e. for the analog watch and for the smart functionalities so that even if the smart watch’s battery runs out, the analog watch continues to function.


Fossil Q hybrid smart watch is a simple yet ingenious product that combines an analog watch with an update of the 21st Century. The price of the watch starts from US $175 which is quite affordable for a luxury watch. The hybrid smart watch is a  perfect balance between the elegance of a luxury mechanical watch and smartwatch functionality. I would love to buy this product but then again this is just my preference. Comment down below on your views on the watch.

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