Huawei to use its trademark OS or is it?

huawei new os trademark
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The past two months have most likely been a roller-coaster ride for Huawei. Predominantly, Trump administration’s blacklisting the company, and as a response, Google complying with the order. However, the downward plunge of Huawei in the cellphone market did not hinder its P30 series smashing the P20 series sales record. This indicated that there is still sunshine on the horizon for Huawei. In whatever way, tech enthusiasts and phone lovers are speculating the response of Huawei in the coming days.

Nevertheless, Huawei had supposed such a set of circumstances. That is why the company started introducing some OS prototypes since the past few years. The company made its OS public after the Android ban. First, it was Hongmeng OS, then it was Ark / Oak OS, and there were also rumors of it using the Sailfish OS! And now, Huawei has another OS trademark, with the name Harmony!

There are very few details in this regard, but we know that they did get a trademark for it.

huawei new os trademark harmony os

And it is strange, especially, after Huawei’s ban has been partially lifted. This means the upcoming phones will use Android Q as their OS. That being so, many questions, on Huawei’s decisions can be raised. Why is Huawei still developing their own OS if Android is still an option? Are we never using Android on Huawei devices again? Or are they preparing for similar future predicaments?

These questions are pragmatic but, even though the ban has been lifted; the trade war between China and USA is still going on, albeit a bit softer. Therefore, Huawei opting to a plan B is certainly commonsensical.

Be that as it may, the story still hasn’t unfolded properly. According to the recent news and rumors, Huawei is planning to lay off several of their workers in the US. The company will reportedly allow some Chinese employees to relocate back to China. While other employees have already been notified that they will be let go in the near future.

Regardless of the rumors and speculations, all of the tech industry is still waiting to see how the rest of the story unfolds. All we have for now are questions and numerous presuppositions.