Water to the burnt area: Some Huawei phones confirmed for Android Q

huawei android q update
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While the future of the company’s smartphones is still uncertain, Huawei assures its customers and fans that some of their phones will get Android Q update. Google’s ban on Huawei led many Huawei fans in dilemma. Most people are still uncertain about buying Huawei phones at present. And despite numerous rumors that Huawei will slow down smartphone manufacturing, they assure us they’re still in full throttle! Also, they’re already working on alternatives like the Sailfish OS, too. But for the time being, the current users need some solace. And it comes in the form of Android Q for some of their recent launches.

There are many rumors flying around the company. Some even suggest the company will stop producing smartphones. Also, there are others that suggest users won’t be able to download certain apps now. But Huawei addresses all that and others’ questions on their page, Huawei Answers. As for the question about if the latest Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will get Android Q, the answer is yes. In addition, some other Huawei phones will be getting the Android Q treatment, along with 3 of the latest Honor 20 series.

List of Phones to receive Huawei Android Q Update

First off on the list to get the Android Q updates for Huawei phones are definitely their latest P30 series:

Next up, comes another premium flagship from last years, the Mate 20 series:

And since the P20 series was kind of a game changer in mobile photography, it’s only natural they get the same treatment:

Also, some of the not-so-popular Huawei’s P-smart series is getting the same kind of treatment:

But it doesn’t just stop there. Even the Mate 10 series are going to get this:

In addition, the latest Honor 20 series are also confirmed to get this Android Q update:

So, these are the phones that Huawei confirms will get the latest Android Q software when it arrives. Of course, their 3-month extended ultimatum from Google ends right before Google will officially launch Android. Maybe, they’ve worked out some kind of arrangement for their phones to get the update.

Yet, the regions which will get the updates and when is not confirmed. Only the devices that will. And this update will come in the form of EMUI 10 in these Huawei phones.