Government says illegally obtained phones will not work in the country soon

    nta blocking illegal phones
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    The government, in its bid to minimize the illegal import of smartphones, is coming up with a strategy to make them non-functional. Illegal import of smartphones is a problem that is rampant at present in the country. Even the mobile distributors of the country are worried due to this problem. But now, the government is implementing a new strategy to minimize and hopefully eradicate the practice.

    The plan is yet to be put into place. But it is clear that we’ll see ADMS being implemented for mobile phones for this. ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) will allow the government or authorized bodies to actively monitor the imported phones inside the country. And, as they register in the networks, they can find out if the phones are obtained illegally or not.

    The government has allocated a budget of Rs. 1 crore 30 lakhs for this project. And it has called bids from those interested to regulate the ADMS process in Nepal. Currently, there are six companies that have submitted their biddings. And out of them, the one which stands out after evaluation and analysis of their proposal will be selected by the government. These companies will be evaluated on 80% technical feasibility and 20% economic feasibility of their proposals.

    Right now, the companies currently in bidding are Mobilian Trade International Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal), Infra-Data N.V. (Belgium), Green I.T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal), New-mera (M) ADN BHD (Malaysia), OSI Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (India) and Namaste Global Comm Pvt. Ltd. (Singapore). The government had requested for proposals for the design, development, testing, implementation, and management from various companies some 11 months back. They received 13 proposals, out of which, six of them were short-listed.

    NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) claims that the evaluation is concluding. And that, a firm will soon be selected. After that, there will be various agreements and contracts within a month. After which, the firm will be given 6 months to put everything in place. So, the system will be functional by the coming Bhadra, 2076.

    After the implementation of ADMS, illegally imported or smuggled devices will cease working in the country. But those devices that are already here before the process will continue working. The rule will apply to the upcoming illegal phones. So, no doubt, that this will help minimize the illegal importing of phones in the country.

    What do you think of this new strategy? Will it work? Or do you think the government will not be able to pull it off?