Intel Compute Card: PC that fits in your Wallet is here

    Intel Compute Card Release Date Price
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    At CES 2017, we have seen some amazing and eye-popping gadgets. But, this computer, believe me, will blow your mind!

    Intel has unveiled Intel Compute Card at CES 2017. Intel Compute Card, dear readers, is a fully functioning computer. It is so small that you might confuse it for a credit card. It measures 94.5 mm x 55 mm x 5 mm. This Intel Compute Card is a replacement for Intel Compute Stick that was available on the market a few years ago.

    Credit: Gizmodo YouTube

    Now, if you use ARM-based Raspberry Pi, this Compute Card is similar to it.

    So, what’s new about Intel Compute Card? Well, first of all, you can choose from wide range of Intel Processors including 7th generation processors. Secondly, unlike Raspberry Pi (which is great for DIY projects for gadgets geeks), Intel Compute Card is easy to use and ready-made. This means everyone can simply connect devices to it and enjoy the computing!

    According to Intel, the Compute Card was designed to transform the way compute and connectivity can be integrated and used in future devices. The main focus is making Internet of Things more flexible, resourceful and powerful. For example, if you smart TV starts to slow down, you could just replace the chip of Smart TV with Intel Compute Card instead of buying a new TV. This could be good for the environment too- less electronic waste.

    Additionally, Intel is currently working with companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sharp. So, in the future, we might see many smart devices that will come with slots for Intel Compute Card. The price and detailed specs of this tiny computer will be released in Q2 2017. And, Intel will start selling this product from mid-2017.

    Features of Intel Compute Card:

    • Range of Processors (up to 7th Gen Intel Core Series)
    • Extremely Portable: 94.5 mm x 55 mm x 5 mm in size
    • Inbuilt Memory, GPU and Storage
    • Inbuilt Wireless Connectivity ( Bluetooth and Wi-Fi)
    • USB-C Plus Extension (to connect USB, PCIe, HDMI and DP)
    • Secure Docking with integrated locking mechanism for safety
    • Low Wattage Computing with integrated cooling
    • Optimized I/O
    • Windows or Linux OS