Here’s the Most Affordable Way to Repair your broken iPhone Display in Nepal

iphone broken screen repair in nepal lcd refurb lab
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Despite all precautions we use, phones keep slipping out of the hands every so often. When an iPhone drops to the ground, it doesn’t just break phone’s screen but breaks owner’s heart too. Phones like iPhone aren’t just costly to buy but to repair as well. When an iPhone screen breaks or stops working, we spend a whole day visiting repair shops door-to-door to find out a repair shop that gets the thing done at the cheapest.

After the establishment of LCD Refurb Lab, replacing an iPhone’s screen has become much easier and cheaper as never before. As the name suggests, this screen replacement workshop not replaces the screen or glass but actually refurbishes them using the latest technology. And, the best thing is, the refurbished glass and LCD looks as good as the new one. It certainly is a great relief to have a place that repairs broken glass/LCD at the cheapest.

LCD Refurb Lab says it can refurbish broken glass/LCD of any iPhone starting from iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 7 plus. It also claims to do these repairs at a much cheaper price as compared to that of other repair stores. In addition, in other repair stores, no matter if your iPhone’s glass is broken or LCD is broken, you have to change both as in spare parts these two come as one. In turn, you end up paying more. Whereas, in LCD Refurb Lab, you pay for replacing only glass or only LCD if any of them is broken.

repair broken iphone display screen nepal

Cost of iPhone Display at LCD Refurb Nepal

If you have an iPhone with broken LCD or glass or both then you might wanna consider taking a thorough look at LCD Refurb Lab’s service rate below:

Model Name Glass Replacement LCD Replacement
iPhone 5 2500 5500
iPhone 5c/5s 2500 5500
iPhone 6 3500 7500
iPhone 6 Plus 5000 9500
iPhone 6s 6000 11000
iPhone 6s Plus 7000 12500
iPhone 7 10000 16000
iPhone 7 Plus 12000 20000
Technology used
After Sales Service
iphone-lcd-glass-repair-nepalI recently broke my iPhone 6s Plus (touch panel) and I went to the LCD refurb Lab located in Newroad, Kathmandu. They took 2 hours to repair my phone and viola it felt like a new one. It's working well right now with no signs of lag or touch issue. We highly recommend you to repair at this place if you are on a tight budget.