Locus 2017 Largest Innovative Tech Fair in Nepal Scheduled for Next Month

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Locus committee has set a foot ahead in the track of organizing the largest tech festival ‘Locus 2017’ in Nepal. The date of the events and pre-events are fixed. So, mark your calendar and be ready for being the part of the largest innovative tech fair of Nepal. Locus 2017 is scheduled to run for three days starting from 9th of February, 2017 (2073 Magh 27).

What is Locus?

Locus 2017Locus is a student-run organization established with a mutual collaboration of students from Department of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering of Pulchowk Campus. This organization serves as host to organize a national wise technological festival (or technological exhibition) annually in IOE Central Campus, Pulchowk. Contrary to the theoretical teaching approach in our education system, this organization provides the platform to excel and demonstrate the hardware skills, software skills, and skills for logical reasoning. And to unveil potentiality of discovering and inventing, Locus organizes various events and pre-events. This year’s Locus tech-fest is baptized as Locus 2017 themed with Renovating Society.

Pre-events in Locus 2017

As mentioned previously, Locus provides a platform to discover and invent ideas related to technology and to implement them. For this, Locus 2017 is packed with a series of events and pre-events. Some of the finalized events and pre-events are mentioned here. We will keep you updated with any further additions or modifications.

1. Robotics Crash Course

Robotics Crash CourseThis course has been introduced to enlighten the basic ideas and principles regarding the field of electronics and making them capable of building hardware projects. This course is categorized into two levels. One is beginners’ Robotics Crash Course designed for the rookies and another is an advanced Robotics Crash Course, which is designed for the ones having a sound knowledge of basic theory and principles of electronics. Students from any engineering colleges can book a seat for themselves. The registration fee is Rs. 1000 and the course will last for more than 7 days. Every detail of this pre-event is mentioned on the photo, which is attached herewith.

2. Case Study competition

In this pre-event, any student with a keen interest in any topic/field can perform a research. At the end of the research, he/she is expected to submit a report regarding the topic. Among the submitted reports, the best will be selected and rewarded. However, this competition is only for the students of Pulchowk Campus. The briefing will be done to the students on Poush 21 and the deadline for the submission of case study reports will be then finalized. In order to take part in the competition, Rs. 100 is to be paid for the organizers from each team.

3. Maya Animation Workshop

This is a two-day workshop, where the enthusiasts will be briefed about Maya software and its uses. Further, in this workshop, learners will be taught to create and design animations. This workshop will be on 24th and 25th of Poush.

4. Photoshop + Illustrator Workshop

In this workshop, any students, who are zealous about the Graphics designing, will be enlightened with the knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator software. The learners will not only be taught about the tools in the software and its uses but also the designing works using such software. Every zealous student is welcomed by Locus for this workshop. However, a pre-registration is required in order to take part in the event. This workshop will be on Poush 26 and 27.

5. Git Workshop

Wikipedia has described Git as a widely used source code management system for software development and a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. For the programmers, who are habituated in doing projects individually or in a group of small number, working among a team of many members will be troublesome. If there is not proper division and synchronization of the project, there will be the growth of chaos. To cope such problems, Git is a correct platform. Visualizing this platform as a must for the programmers and software developers, Locus has managed to enlist it among the number of pre-events. Git workshop is scheduled for 26th of Poush.

6. +2 Level Quiz

In order to boost the General Knowledge of +2 students, Locus has managed to embed +2 Level Quiz in the list of its pre-events. A team of +2 students from any college can take part in this program. However, a registration is required to be the contestant in the quiz. The registration costs Rs. 2500 per team. The date for the +2 Level Quiz is scheduled on Magh 8.

7. Tech Debates

Tech DebateThis is the new pre-event added in the Locus timeline. In this pre-event, participants are expected to perform logical reasoning in the given topic. This will be in a similar pattern to World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) following the format of British Parliamentary Debate. This program will go on for three days starting from 14th of Magh. And the mandatory number of participants in the team is two.



8. Talk Show

In this pre-event, a successful personality will be invited. The invited personality shares his expertise and unveils the challenges regarding his work. This pre-event is expected to provide motivation and inspiration to make a change in the country and to stretch the feet in the path of entrepreneurship. The talk show will be held on 17th of Magh.

9. Hack a Week

This is the most awaited pre-event in Locus. This pre-event provides a platform to the app developers, programmers, and tech enthusiasts to bring their ideas to life with the development of software prototypes. This is a themed pre-event and all the developers are expected to develop the prototype of the software based on the given themes. The contestants should develop their software prototype based on the theme of art & culture, entertainment, or on social impact. As the name suggests, this is 7 days pre-event and at the end, there will be the submission of the works done. This event will run from 18th of Magh to 24th of Magh.

Main Event of Locus 2017

The main event of the Locus 2017 includes hardware and software competitions. The competition is divided into the theme and non-themed category. All the hardware and software projects aiding in the renovation of society will be quarantined in the themed section and remaining in the non-themed section. The main event will start from 27th of Magh and will for three days. At the ending day i.e. 29th of Magh, all the winners of main events and the winners from the competitions of pre-events will be rewarded.

If you are willing to take part in any of the pre-events or events then just do not build a second thought. Pick an idea and start giving shape to your project. If you are not interested or eligible to take part but yet interested in having a look to the event then just mark your calendar and manage your schedule. You will be privileged to see the innovative tech discoveries for free, as no entry fee is required.

For more information, you may dial one of the following numbers.

  1. Samip Subedi, Coordinator– 9806622311
  2. Prateek Raj Joshi, Event Manager– 9849713996