Ncell’s Missed Call Notification (MCN) Service is now free

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Most of you probably know or even use the Missed Call Notification (MCN) service. The same service that used to cost you around Rs 2 every week is finally a free service now.

What is Ncell Missed Call Notification?

Missed Called Notification or as Ncell calls it MCN, is a service that enables you to not miss calls even when your phone is turned off or out of network coverage.ncell missed call notification service mcn gadgetbyte nepal

How does it work?

You will receive a detailed SMS notification of all the calls you missed as soon as you switch on your mobile phone or when you enter the network coverage area.

We understand your every call is important

How much do I have to pay?

It used to cost Rs 2.51, but this service is free as of today, November 1.ncell missed call notification service mcn gadgetbyte nepal

How do I subscribe to this service?

All you need to do is call *9141# and you will automatically be subscribed to the service.

Verdict on Ncell Missed Call Notification Service (MCN)

It is not always possible to stay on the same place forever. Even if it was possible, there is not a guarantee to receive the network signals of the phone every single time. And what happens if somebody calls at such times of signal/network unavailability? Needless to answer, we would miss the call. That’s only the case of signal unavailability. We would face the same problem if we are busy on another call (if call waiting is not activated) or if the phone is switched off. So in order to avoid such scenario, Ncell had brought the Missed Call Notification service a long time back. And even used to charge Rs. 2.51 (with tax included) per week for the service a few days back.

Now with the charges lifted, Ncell seems to value the customers’ calls and willing to buzz about the missed calls for free. With this service activated, the users who missed the calls will receive text messages with the missed calls info as soon as they are available (receive the signals or have their phones switched on). With the service being free, most of the users are going to activate for sure. This also results in boundless communications among the people. So, cheers!

So, do you think this step from Ncell was important? With the service being free, are you going to activate it? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section.