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Vianet Purple Pack Internet Offer Ncelll Free Mobile Data Voice Call Offer

Vianet teams with Ncell to provide free mobile data with its internet plans

Last month, Nepal Telecom announced the Double Mazza offer, under which the company bundled mobile data with fiber internet. And now, Vianet has brought...
NT Ncell Smart fail NTA network reliability test quality call drop rate setup time standard

NT, Ncell and Smart fail NTA’s quality and reliability test—even in the Valley

Currently, there are three major cellular network service providers in Nepal: state-owned Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Telecom. The question about which among the...
Ncell 4G LTE on 900MHz nationwide expansion VoLTE Carrier Aggregation

Ncell starts 4G LTE on 900MHz: Plans for VoLTE, Carrier Aggregation, and more

In order to bolster its 4G coverage inside the country, Ncell has started operation on the 900MHz band. Earlier, it had received tech-neutral bands...
NTC Ncell Lockdown Data Packages work from home cheap internet

NTC and Ncell bring cheap data packages amidst the ongoing lockdown

When it comes to telecom service providers in Nepal, NTC and Ncell are the first names that come to mind. These rival companies have...
Ncell Data packs price detail internet packages plans validity volume 4G

Ncell Data Packs: Price, Volume & Validity Period [December 2020]

Ncell is the second-largest telecom service provider in Nepal and has excellent network coverage throughout the country. More importantly, Nepal's governing telecommunication authority NTA's...
Ncell Power SIM review

Ncell Power SIM Review: A Feature-Rich & Versatile SIM For The Youth

Man, owning your own SIM card was the bomb back in the days! Saving all your friends’ contact with an accented text, missed calls,...
Ncell automatic activation & renewal of services

Hey Ncell, stop automatically activating & renewing services!

There’s a popular Nepali proverb that goes “हावा नचलि पात हल्लिदैन”. It roughly translates to how nothing happens without a reason. And that’s right,...
Best Telecom Service Provider in Nepal

Best Telecom Service Providers in Nepal [Updated]

Ever wondered which is the Best Telecom Service Provider in Nepal? When one thinks of Telecom service providers in Nepal, we can name only...
Ncell User Service Pay Later Offer

Ncell brings “Use Service, Pay Later” offer to help people during this lockdown

The current lockdown has certainly been tough on many of us. One has to maintain a safe social distance between themselves and others to...
NCELL NTC recharge bonus conditional

NTC and Ncell’s heavy bonus on recharge during the crisis making people upset?

The outbreak of coronavirus has disrupted our daily routine. The subsequent lockdown caused by this outbreak has forced us to stay put inside our...