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JBL PartyBox 310

2.8Expert Score

The JBL PartyBox 310 is a 17.42kg, hefty speaker with a handle and wheels for easy mobility. It features an IPX4 rating for splash protection and a metallic grille to protect woofer cones. The speaker has a large audio system with two 6.5″ woofers and two 2.5″ tweeters, producing 240W RMS. It supports Bluetooth 5.1, wired connectivity, and “True Wireless Stereo” mode for stereo audio. The battery is a 72Wh lithium cell, providing 18 hours of power and 3.5 hours of charging.

Starting Price  75,000

Charging Time

3.5 hours

Ingress Protection

Yes (IPX4 rating)


18 hours






17.42 kg

JBL PartyBox 310 Overview:


Unlike the Partybox 100s, the JBL Partybox 310 is not a portable speaker. It is quite hefty, as it weighs around 17.42kg and has a decent width and height. That’s why it has a handle and wheels to make it easier to drag around. Additionally, the speaker features an IPX4 rating for splash protection.

The design pattern is similar to any other Partybox, though! The body of Partybox 310 is made up of plastic, while there is a metallic grille at the front. Yes, the grille is to protect woofer cones. One more thing is that the cones are surrounded by RGB lighting.

On the top is a groove to hold devices, alongside buttons to control. The ports are, however, at the back of the speaker.

Audio and Connectivity

The audio part of Partybox 310 comprises pretty large drivers. There are two 6.5″ woofers and two 2.5″ tweeters tuned with JBL’s Pro Sound. All four transducers combined produce an output of 240W RMS.

The JBL Partybox 310 features Bluetooth 5.1, enabling wireless connections. Additionally, it offers wired connectivity options through an AUX port and a USB-A port for audio input, and it supports two microphones as well.

What’s more, it supports “True Wireless Stereo” mode, allowing it to pair with another compatible speaker for a stereo audio experience.


For battery, the JBL Partybox 310 has a 72Wh lithium cell that powers the device for 18 hours straight. Moreover, charging is quick, charging the whole speaker back in 3.5 hours.

JBL Partybox 310 Price in Nepal

JBL Speakers Price in Nepal
JBL Partybox 310 NPR 75,000

JBL PartyBox 310 Specifications Compare

Year 2020
Status In Stock
Speaker Type Party
Series JBL Partybox
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Dimensions 325.6×687.7×367.8mm
Weight 17.42kg
IP rating IPX4
Colors Black
Light Ring
Woofer: 2x 176mm
Tweeter: 2x 65mm
Frequency Response 45Hz - 20kHz
Channel Mono
Microphone No
Bluetooth 5.1
Companion App JBL PartyBox
Battery Size 72Wh
Charging 100-240V
Ports USB-C, Aux-in/out, USB-A
Features True Wireless Stereo