Realme GT 2 Pro will feature a 150° ultrawide camera and these new innovations

Realme GT 2 Pro Key Features
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Realme has been hyping up the GT 2 Pro for some months now. Today, the company held an online event, where it briefed the key innovations of the Realme GT 2 Pro. And here are the key takeaway from today’s Realme event.

Realme GT 2 Pro: Key Innovations

Word’s first bio-based design

As in the past, Realme is collaborating with renowned designer Naoto Fukasawa for GT 2 Pro’s design. Together, they have come up with the new “Master Paper Design”.

Realme is promoting its upcoming flagship smartphone as the world’s first phone with a bio-based design. The rear panel of the GT 2 Pro will be made up of fallen leaves and paper pulp. These are second-generation bio-materials that the company claims can reduce carbon emission by up to 63% compared to traditional raw materials.

Realme GT 2 Pro Paper Tech Master Design Teaser

Similarly, the company has opted for new raw material and printing inks for more eco-friendly packaging.

150° ultrawide camera

Realme has also confirmed that the GT 2 Pro will have a 150° ultrawide camera. It will have a 20% wider Field of View (FoV) than any other smartphone camera in the world since the widest ultrawide camera currently in circulation on a smartphone maxes out at 128°. Its FoV will be 278% wider than an average smartphone primary camera.

Using the new ultrawide camera, Realme is also adding a Fisheye Mode, which the company claims is a first on a smartphone.

Antenna Array Matrix System

The company will also debut the new Antenna Array Matrix System with the GT 2 Pro. It’s a cluster of new technologies that Realme believes will help boost signal reception in phones. As of now, it consists of Hyper Smart Antenna Switching, WiFi Enhancer, and 360° NFC.

Realme GT 2 Pro will support up to 48 global bands covering over 150 countries. The phone will also have 12 antennas in different parts of the phone. The new switching system will evaluate the signal strength of all these antennas and switch to one with the most powerful strength.

The phone will bring WiFi 6 connectivity with support for dual-network acceleration, network overlay, and network switching. There will be two Wi-Fi antennas arranged in a symmetrical fashion, resulting in 20% more stability.

Next, the GT 2 Pro has a 360° NFC. Here, Realme has used a three-array NFC antenna with a 500% larger sensing area and 20% more sensitivity.

Realme GT 2 Pro Launch Date (Expected)

Though Realme has not given an exact date, GT 2 Pro will most likely launch in Q1 of 2022. Its price is expected to be upwards of USD 800 given this is the company’s first proper flagship smartphone.

Smartphone Launch Date (Expected)
Realme GT 2 Pro Q1 2022
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