REPORT: Samsung Galaxy S6 sales are not good as expected

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in Nepal
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Galaxy S6 might be the best phone Samsung has been made, but according to the recent stats, they have only managed to sell over 10 million units. A year ago the Galaxy S5 reached similar heights in just 25 days so the current model isn’t breaking any records as first anticipated.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edege
Galaxy S6 is priced at Rs.77,900 in Nepal for 32GB model

Samsung forecasted to ship around 70 million units this year, but if the reports are true, then they are lagging behind in huge numbers. So what’s the reason behind this?

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great phone. No Doubt! It comes with a great camera and probably the best screen till date, but the Galaxy S6 says goodbye to two of their biggest features–the removable battery and expandable storage in particular. These are the features that differentiates Samsung’s Android phones from Apple’s iPhones. That could be the reason for sales not living up to expectation. What do you think? Comment below!