Samsung Galaxy Buds3 with a New Stem Design

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds were first launched in 2019, and they quickly became a key competitor in the true wireless earbuds market. From their inception, the Galaxy Buds featured a distinctive design with a solid, rounded shape that remained consistent across the various models released. However, the latest model of buds introduces a stem design. This new design is a departure from the traditional form factor that many users have grown accustomed to, indicating Samsung’s willingness to innovate and adapt to market trends. Let’s dive deeper into what we know about this exciting new development.

Stem-style design of Samsung Galaxy Buds3

At the Unpacked event happening on July 10, Samsung Galaxy Buds3 will be the spotlight this time. A recent Galaxy Buds3 retail box leak confirmed this new stem design. This marks a significant shift from this longstanding design pattern.

While some may criticize Samsung for supposedly mimicking Apple’s design, it’s important to note that many brands have adopted stem-style earbuds in recent years. Switching to this design can be beneficial, particularly for improving microphone performance by positioning the mics closer to the user’s mouth. The upcoming Galaxy Buds3 is expected to feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a valuable addition for many users. Although Apple popularized the stem design, Samsung’s new earbuds will have a distinct angular stem that sets them apart. This angular design not only offers a unique aesthetic but also improves functionality, potentially providing a better fit and sound quality compared to other stem-style earbuds.

Aside from the Galaxy Buds+ launched in 2020, which lacks ANC, Samsung earbuds always have mediocre microphone performance. With the introduction of the new stem design on the Galaxy Buds3, we hope that this change will lead to significant improvements. However, the increased size could impact the battery life and make the earbud look bulkier. Nonetheless, the trade-off might be worth it if it results in better call quality and user experience.

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