Rumored Samsung Galaxy Ring inches closer to mass production, report claims

Samsung Galaxy Ring
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There were rumors that Samsung has been working on a smart finger ring capable of monitoring health status in real-time. Now a report from The Elec suggests that Samsung has already completed its development stage and we might see it in production next month. The ring’s smaller size would make it a good smartwatch alternative for those who only want to track their health without the extra smart features. We’ll go over all of the leaks and rumors surrounding the alleged Samsung Galaxy Ring here.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Launch and Availability

Even if the productions start next month, and even if they don’t, the release is nowhere near the future. In fact, the launch might be near the Galaxy S24 announcement or might even be on that exact day!

Samsung Galaxy Ring Rumors:

Smart rings are nothing new and we’ve seen a few from companies like Oura, Circular, Prevention, McLear, and even Amazon. The Oura Ring 3 is currently one of the most popular smart rings on the market and costs USD 299. Thus, we can expect the Galaxy Ring to be priced similarly if it launches.

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Latest leaks from industry insiders claim that Samsung is also working on a smart ring of its own with a set of features on par with the latest Galaxy Watch 5 series.

It has also been revealed that Samsung has already filed a patent for the smart ring with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Samsung’s patent was published by the Office in July and it has been listed in Europe as well.


Samsung Galaxy Ring Patent

Expected Features

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will have a PPG sensor in its inner circumference for heartbeats. It will even have an ECG sensor to track your electrocardiogram activity. Besides this, it will have other health measurements of the Galaxy Watch 5 series like blood oxygen (SpO2), sleep, temperature, and body composition.

Samsung also plans on implementing the Galaxy Ring as a universal remote. This means that the user will be able to connect smart devices like phones, TVs, laptops, AC, fans, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Patent - Remote Control

Samsung’s patent also shows a block diagram that illustrates the overview of the components in the wearable. Among the components is an image display unit. So, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring to have a small touch-sensitive surface for control.

Contactless Wireless Charging

The patent also showcased some unique charging methods. One such charging method showed a Samsung mouse with a wireless charging pad on its surface. Likewise, the ring will also be able to charge wirelessly via a compatible Samsung phone.

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