Samsung’s One UI 2.0 and One UI 2.1 are on their way

Samsung One UI 2.0
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Remember when very few liked Samsung’s heavy UI? Well, those days are gone, with their advent of One UI. They refurbished their User Interface with One UI – making it look fresher, smoother and more lightweight. And we have seen it incorporated in various Galaxy smartphones launched in 2019. Later, Samsung also introduced One UI in its smartwatch lineup.

Now, new reports suggest that Samsung will introduce One UI 2.0 with the Android Q. Of course, the one to get it first is the unannounced Galaxy S11 smartphone, with a One UI 2.1 update. Firstly, the One UI 1.0 was introduced with Android Pie and 1.1 version with the Galaxy S10 series.

samsung one ui 2.0 and 2.1

For now, there is not much information regarding the new features of One UI 2.0. However, it is expected to include Digital Well-being improvements that Google announced earlier this year. The update is also expected to include Live Caption feature, Smart Reply for notification, Focus mode which is designed to help users focus without distraction and other core Android Q features.

Also, the company is expected to launch Android Q update soon. The company might also add more features to the One UI 2.0.

All of the speculations and doubts will soon be over, however. As we will probably have more information revealed to us in the coming months.