Subisu CAN SofTech 2015 to start in September

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CAN aka Computer Association of Nepal, after an abstemious break from the tech industry, has announced the details regarding this year’s CAN SofTech. The event is set to start from the 3rd of September to 6th of September at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. Subisu, one of the biggest cable internet provider in Nepal, has renewed the sponsorship deal with CAN and will be named the Title Sponsorship of CAN SofTech 2015 for the third year running.

At a press conference in Kathmandu on Thursday, CAN Chairman Binod Dhakal said the fair is being held annually in order to develop and expand the use of software, and impart knowledge on computer solutions and different services in the country.

The use of Internet services, television, applications and security solutions, wireless solutions, printing solutions, power solutions have become ubiquitous as far as tech revolution in concerned. But, displaying stalls in the name of the business policy and aiming to sell more creating offers are just not why people should go there for. The event should be more prioritized in information exchange and programs for technology development in Nepal. Personally different events such the CAN infotech, Soft Tech should be named as a conference rather than a fair.

More than 150,000 people are expected to visit the CAN Softech-2015. The entrance fee for the event is Rs. 50 for general public and Rs. 25 for students. CAN also has offered the students bringing letters from concerned colleges and schools will be offered special discounts in the spot itself.

Finally I have some points that I want Computer Association of Nepal to listen and take action in make order to improve its status like the biggest info tech events like Mobile World Congress MWC or Consumer Electronics Show CES.

  • Construction of the stalls should finish before the event starts which can decrease accidental hazards and does not show the event’s Prestige.
  • Removal of huge speakers in the stalls and try to make a learning environment.
  • Prefer to make the info tech a place to learn and not a business trade fair. Providing knowledge to people aware people automatically help in an increase in business.
  • A talk stage program which explains all the new release or new technology launched in the event. Scheduling the talk show which can make it more effective.
  • A stall map placed in various places so that people don’t need to search for the respective stalls. Or the stall map can be made available to every visitor in the ticket counter when people enter the event.