This smartphone will last all week on one charge

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    Can this be the Best Battery in a Smartphone?

    Smartphone battery  is one area that is yet to develop to its full extent. Smartphone companies are in some sort of race to make the handset thinner and lightweight in the expense of smartphone battery capacity. Making the best battery in a smartphone and look sexy is a difficult task to complete. Increasing the number of cores of the CPU, and bumping up the screen resolution up to 2K makes no sense if your smartphone battery doesn’t last a day. Taking that into perspective, a Chinese firm named Oukitel is developing a handset with a battery so large the smartphone will last all week on one charge. 

    Battery in a Smartphone
    A Good Battery in a Smartphone is one of the factors buying a smartphone

    This handset (shown in the image) contains a compact 10,000mAh battery. Nowadays, we often see smartphones battery ranging from 2000mAh to 3500mAh, and even the recently launched Gionee M5 has 6200 mAh battery capacity. This 10,000 mAh battery can take hours to charge, so we might expect the handset to come with fast charging technology–a race that is already in progress. 

    Apart from the battery capacity, the specifications of this mystery phone are yet to be revealed. Oukitel says the device will be released in a few months. So, what do you think about this 10,000mAh smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.